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  1. Aurora 0.7b When I launch a trainer from the game details area(Y) It hangs for a few seconds on "Configuring Plugin" and then boots into the game, but it freezes the console. The only way it works is if I launch something else like xexmenu or anything for a bit and then back to Aurora and launch trainer. That works. Any help to resolve this issues would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Can anyone recommend a trusted repair shop?
  3. Thanks for reply How would I go about testing the chip? Also any idea what chip it is, my daughter says its an Ace v3. IDK
  4. Xbox 360 S 4Gb Trinity Don't know what kind of chip added photo My RGH quit booting. I was playing a game it froze so I hit the power button to shut it down. Then powered it back on. It booted to Aurora for like 30 seconds and froze. Now when you power it on nothing just low fan speed and flashing light from the chip inside. Flashes red 3x then green 1x. No ring lights. I did not put the chip in it. It was bought on ebay several years ago. It has been used off and on since no heat problems and the glitch very rarley didnt boot. The power supply has the correct standby and powered lights. Tried blank ini file. I have not opened it up yet. From my research it seems to me that the chip may have been solder incorrectly or poorly. Any ideas. Thank you
  5. Splatterhous- Xbox 360 Pee-Yew! What a stinker. I grabbed this game for the 3 retro games that are unlockable. This save will unlock those without having to slog through this schlock. Enjoy Big Thanks To Endel-Trainer Engine NerCore-Trainer Creator AlvRo-Misc. @daus86 (MY) -Example Rehash and Resign with your favorite app and place on your hard drive. Location-hdd1/content/"Your Profile"/"Place Herre" Example > Cont´╗┐ent/E00005B6529xxxx4156084500000001/ < Splatterhous Save.zip
  6. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Savw Modding Questions Running KotOR on RGH Xbox 360 I am wanting to mod my save for max credits. Is this possible? I tried to use kse but I can't get it work I get errors and can't load the save into the tool. Any help with modding the save would nice.
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