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  1. fuckin* A mates! thanks for your hard work! keep it up, cheers.
  2. The Modem Router is no capable of wifi xD
  3. hahahaha you a evil maniac xD well I already solved the problem, deactivating DHCP on my Modem Router and that's all, It was double NATing being why Aurora couldn't connect to the ports.
  4. Old Modem broke up, I needed a new modem so I bought the cheapest one (I live in Venezuela lol)
  5. Uhm... the Modem Router has a Lan port, I connected the lan cable to the lan port of the Modem Router to the Wan port of the Router. Cool, I'm glad tha I'm not so lost xD
  6. Yeah, failing again. It's the DHCP of the Modem Router. When it was disabled, Aurora successfully tried the ports. Now that its enabled, it doesn't. 'Cuz I'm being doubled routered (?). I will disable the DHCP on the Modem Router. Thanks for all the replies and help Darkglider and Swizzy.
  7. Is a replacement for a Modem, and a I am using the Modem router + router. I just reseted it, gonna test LiNK again to see if it was the DHCP on the Modem Router.
  8. But it was deactivated in my Modem router, not my router.
  9. hahaha xD well thanks, but I fixed it myself, the answer was to deactivate DHCP setting in my modem router. that was all xD now I can join the link parties :3
  10. I... didn't explained right (?) Let me start again. I had a Modem, it died, and a router. Then I bought a modem router (it was better and cheaper than the old modem). with the old modem, SL worked, but now that I'm using the modem router, it doesn't. Both the modem router and the router are tp-link.
  11. Already my Xbox had its mac and ip preassigned since the old modem.
  12. Oh! New discovery (in fact, I forgot it xD) I have a TPLink TD8817 modem router for Modem... Now that I remember, with my old modem (R.I.P) I had LiNK services all okey.
  13. Mmmmh... just to be clear, do I need a static ip for port forward/Link ?
  14. Nothing... changed the ports to 1000 and 1001 both xbox and router, rebooted router and aurora; still failing.
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