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  1. Yes, i do create matches on as host on public rooms, and that xBADx L4l0 N0B, use to have the nick from Longaniza, from Mexico, KekMon from Argenita, use to be kevin, and they started used mods cause MangaModz and Anubis users, is really annoying, but on private room a lot of people avoid it, cause as many people just conect on public, for speed. Maybe, las couple of weekends i just been killing the modders as friends on teamDeathmatch, their mods, cannot aimboot friends :v and they hae a really bad time, i punish AD for it... But it would be nice that people, or modders use it only on private rooms with the Tag "Hacks", and avoid it using it, as the information banner from the aurora says. And the 90% of that list, are confirmed modders or hackers, i used to track them as Spectators, and watch the oddnes for their gameplay.
  2. Greetings everyone i have a couple of doubts about system link in general The firts one is, on public server are not allowed mods, isn it? When i connect on the Mw3, on public serverÅ› there are a lot of modded profiles "match-killers", witch their mods, destroy all the fun, and besides, they kill the matchmaking destroying or ending the match, even if i was the host. I know that with private rooms and a block list will keep then away, but sadly not all people connect to a private room if the public has some players. There's a way to fight them back, to have public clean mods rooms? By the way, i have a lot of this modders on my blacklist I attached a part of my list, where are the most modders i have found on public rooms Second, i connect 2 xbox360 from a same internet conection, with different ip of course, we made connect simultaniusly on some games, but in another games like COD:MW2 in several ocasion, if i create the match, the another player, connect, suddenly is kick with the messsage "conection with host is lost", or there are lag attacks, there's a way to fixed? I will appreciated your assistance, help or guidance.
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