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  1. hi please put plugin settings of LiNK in xbox guide to use it easier than before ! when i get unable to join error i should change ports to join without error and this is take my time to change ports because i should go in f3 menu - settings - plugin settings - f3 plugin ->change ports what if f3 plugin section goes in xbox guide ? please put plugin settings or f3plugin in xbox guide for easy use in next update .thanks and sorry for poor english .
  2. what model of tp link did you buy ? thanks .
  3. why led colors in new f3 can not be change but in this old version of fsd we can change it ? http://digiex.net/attachments/downloads/download-center-2-0/xbox-360-content/apps-pc/4254d1274112217-freestyle-xbox-360-dashboard-v1-20-freestyle-dash-1.20.zip thanks and sorry for bad english .
  4. thank you for this just a question : can you port system link for skyrim to use it on LiNK f3 ? its very important ! ? this is possible ? thanks .
  5. hi i want to buy maxshooter but before i buy it i want to know it is work well or not i want to know it is work well for all fps games and bo2 ? here is the picture : thanks a lot (sorry for bad english)
  6. in network settings ip of your xbox should set on automatic and upnp of your router should enable and make sure you use pppoe connection on your modem not on your network settings of your xbox and dhcp in your modem should enable ... i use this way and still it is work for me and no problem !!! if you do all this steps and still not work turn off and then turn on your modem and try again faster i said faster because modem after 5 minutes goes in standby and maybe its not work . what model router do you have ? (sorry for bad english)
  7. do you mean you want to show next xbox tomorrow ?
  8. your modem should be on pppoe connection and enable upnp in your modem and disable dmz , portforwarding in your modem then go in network settings in your microsoft xbox dashbord and be sure pppoe connection is disable on your xbox . you should let your xbox to get automatic ip because upnp works with dhcp and when your xbox has static ip upnp is not work good ... then go to f3 and enable upnp in settings on plugin settings and put these ports : 3072-3071 if after 1 our you can`t join change ports to 9050-9051 this plan works good for me and my friends. sorry for bad english .
  9. halo 4 has worst system link i can play easy with other games because when i change my ports in f3 from 9050-9051 ---------->3072-3071 that`s going to fix and i can play easy but halo 4 is real crap in system link and i cant join someone. i think new tu breaks system link for some modems .... sorry for bad english
  10. a ability to i can change and test ports from xbox Guide ... i need this a lot . sorry for bad english
  11. dude

    IRAN xbox360 sys link

    میتونی جمله ها رو طوری تایپ Ú©Ù†ÛŒ تا بقیه مثل این Ø¢Ùا Ú©Ù‡ از ترجمه Ú¯ÙˆÚ¯Ù„ استÙاده Ù…ÛŒ کنن منظور ما رو بÙهمن Ùˆ Ùکر های منÙÛŒ نکنن ØŸ من الان همین جمله ای رو Ú©Ù‡ اینجا گذاشتی Ùˆ نقل قول کردم رو توی ترجمه Ú¯ÙˆÚ¯Ù„ زدم این در اومد این Ú†Ù‡ وضعیه آخه ØŸ
  12. dude

    IRAN xbox360 sys link

    where are you from ? are you persian ?
  13. dude

    IRAN xbox360 sys link

    شمارتون چرا این شکلیه ! مگه شما تو ایران نیستین ؟ من تو ایرانم ! شما تو کدوم کشورین ؟
  14. dude

    IRAN xbox360 sys link

    سلام داداش چرا Ùارسی تایپ نمیکنی ØŸ حتماً تو رو به لیست دوستان اضاÙÙ‡ Ù…ÛŒ کنم ... Ú†Ù‡ بازی هایی بیشتر Ù…ÛŒ Ú©Ù†ÛŒ ØŸ
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