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  1. hi! i didnt know Skyrim on xbox360 was still being played.. maybe i should re-uplaod everything and upload some new mods? is there enough interest arround? I been away from modding jtag games, but i still have my jtag that i could power-up to make a final update, on the skyrim xbox360 mod scene.. Everyone who still are interested in mods for skyrim xbox360, please post here and let me know! if enough interest, i will power up my machine and work on an update with new links and mods.
  2. make sure you put all the mods into the same folder then your official DLCs, and also, if you have 1 mod that is not converted properly or not compatible, it will most likely disactivate all your mods, so make sure to only use mods that have been properly converted and approved to be working.
  3. sorry for the delay, but as some of you already know, my home-internet is down.. its been a couple of months now that i have problem to solves before having another internet access at home..but my interrest remain bigger then ever and once i fix my internet issue, i'il start updating again all my stuff..sorry for this inconvenience. ash:dude be patient! people have real life you know.. as for your problem, make sure you have the right TU for the right region of your game, and before installing the Ririe's edition, try to boot the game in vanilla state, but with only 1 mod, to see if you do it properly, then its gonna be easyer for you to find why it wont work. So, like i said, put your game into a vanilla state (no mods at all) and then try adding only 1 mod, see if it works. if it does, then install the ririe's edition by following the instruction. I personnally dont use the ririe edition since it was still unstable. The best thing for now if you want my oppinion, is to play skyrim, without rire's edition, and adding all the mods you want, one by one, and make sure you dont save with mods you might remove later! it will prevent save-scripts problem...so i suggest putting only the mods you are sure to keep. (but you can add more later whenever you want..) I also suggest not adding to much texture mods, since the xbox will struggle finding the vram for them and lag then crash after a while, so to keep a smooth and stable gameplay with mods, i suggest to only use textures of a maximum resolution of 512x512, so you can add more texture mods!, and making packs of mods when having to many in the load order. other then that, take your time, be patient and read everything carefully and you should have no trouble getting them to work -Peace and happy winter to all!
  4. helllllllo everyone! ........ ok so i have a problem! one of my motherboard is about to die and i want to save it. This modo whas acting really weird lately..and i had a smoking-smell coming out of it a couple of time, so before loosing it i decided to take care of it.. ..i found a small piece on it, that is tottally burnt!..i mean..really..its almost calcinated!..the only problem: i dont know the name of that small piece!..so i dont know what to search for.. Here's a picture of one of the same piece, but in good condition so that you know wich part it is..its like a small donut standing vertically, with orange (copper maybe..) hard-wires around it..here's one in good condition: ..i hope someone here will be able to tell me the name of that part, so i can buy a new one! thanks!
  5. ok cool thanks for the info! its good to know. Anyway, to be honest its not worth the risk for sure lol but atleast now i know
  6. MominSalop: weither i want to play it or not, my main question was to know if we can play BETAs on a jtag. irishdave: oh ok..thanks bro. ..for curiosity, whats the worst thing that can happen to a jtag if i ban a live profile? will it change something in the NAND or it will only ban it without any other concequences? (and yah i know i wont last more then 2 hours on live before ban but still want to know) thanks
  7. hi!! someone downloaded for me a BETA release demo of Crysis3, but when i'm starting it, after pressing start on the menu it says i need to connect to live to enable features etc.. and even when canceling or pressing okay, it goes back to the start menu.. ..so i was wondering: is there a way i can play it on my jtag without live connections? thanks
  8. syer: its either that you dont have the TU10 installed ( you can load it thru fsd ) or you are using another mod (dlc..) that is not compatible and it disables the other.. so make sure to use ONLY mods from here.. oh and dont use to much mods at the same time..if you have to much mods, make mod-packs.
  9. helllllo all! hey i'm sick of having error 79 atleast 20 times a week with my Jtag-Zephyr and having to re-set my display settings each time...so i was woundering if someone could tell me wich best alternative soldering points can i use to re-jtag my xbox? its an old Zephyr. i found on the net atleast 2 other jtag points i could use, but not sure wich one it the more stable..could someone tell me? and yah..soldering isnt a problem for me so its okay if its a tiny tiny point thks!
  10. puss2puss


    the only way to run it on 360 is by emulating it (modded avalaunch etc..) but it wont do much, it is very limited on what you can do with it..better use it on the original xbox..
  11. ...is it possible but not the same way then with Skyrim.. BTW:blackteresis:nice job! cant wait to see more
  12. mitch: well first of all, do you have your game in RIP or GOD format?
  13. more then 1000 views of this thread but only 6 replies!?? wtf!... ..i wont update it with new mods if people cant atleast post something after loading my mods.. lets make a game: if there is 5 more posts made on this thread, i will update it with 40 new mods! The reason: TO HELP KEEPING THIS THREAD ALIVE... not really motivating to add mods if no-one cares. Peace & GoodModding
  14. ahah thanks a lot! yah Skyrim on xbox is great with those mods! its been a while now that i've been working on animations and meshes for the xbox and i think its gonna be a greaaat result!..for now body meshe mods dosent work but i'm restringing them... and animations need to be made from scratch because they arent made as the same as on pc..anyway.. so after that, EVERY mods will be compatible on xbox!..well...excepts the ones who uses SKSE ...oh and make requests if you find mods taht you want! (from nexus..loverlab..etc..)
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