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  1. Helll0 modders! Today, i completely rebuilt the thread to make it clearer and i removed some "junk" . In the next couple of days i will finish the cleanup by testing every mods to make sure the download links are working, and to make sure they are still functional. ✌️
  2. hell0 players, modders and all in-between, lately i contacted Ririe to know if he still have is packs, but unfortunatly..the iso network has fallen and it was the only comunication option i had with him..to be honest: i never used his pack so i dont know what was in it exactly.. mod packs are not good, its harder to find out a bug when using a pack, and the load order will become unstable if you add a mod similar to one in the pack. (maybe, after updating the thread, i could pack everything in one DLC, and once in a while , update the pack?..then again..it will mess a little bit with the laod order everytime, and will only be good for new saves..) What i can do, now that i'm back with a RGH, i will reinstall skyrim on my 360, and will edit this thread to make it up-to-date, with ONLY working mods. Then, i will re-convert everything people want, as long as the result isnt sacrificing the quality. One thing to keep in mind: lots of updated mods for pc wont work correctly on the 360, if they have been edited for higher performance or higher graphics, on skyrim special edition. Also, an advice that isnt being said enough for Skyrim, espacially on 360: dont fast travel if you want to keep a clean save when using mods! Some mods will messup the save file if you fast travel. (exemple: the cannabis mod, Bert's caravan mod, open city, ..and most mods that alter a cell..its a lot more stable in the special edition, but..no special edition on 360..) Perhaps, it would be possible to make a new mod in the CK, to create more cells, to separate some loading in Tamriel, but there would be more ''gates'' in Tamriel so, more loadings.. (the same as when entering a town). it would allow us to use better mods and keeping stability, but, there would be more loadings and more cells... someone would have to be pretty passionate and patient to do this. (although i can admit, if someone does it, i will be impressed, i will support him, and help him as i can.) i will make a poll to know all the mods people would like to use in skyrim.
  3. EDIT! omg.. i read again one of your reply about how unity handles the connection and i think i just found a freaking cool solution to my issue! ..i still need testers though..
  4. yeah but skyrim isnt multiplayer to begin with so its more complex to implement such a new feature.. but, for multiplayer games that are not compatible with system link but still uses M$ servers , wouldnt it work with a custom update like i've done with titanfall? (i want to do it with destiny but i didnt find bugs in the menu yet..with a bug in the main menu i could atleast try the same as with titanfall..but nobody proposed to help me yet so it takes long..i need testers who have titanfall, to help me polishing my update..also.. i am alone in game so i cant be 100% sure about how my update will react once more players connect.. ) If anyone wants to help, pm me!
  5. thanks for the clarification! so i guess its possible for anyone to create new rooms? also, technicly speaking, what makes a game compatible or not, with system link?
  6. i understand link is really more like a ''bridge'', but isnt there a server where it gets connected to? ..xboxunity, no? i mean, when we play online using link, are players connected in a server or people just get connected to eachothers?! i tought there was a server to hold rooms, for exemple..? thanks for all the explaination so far, really appreciate it mate! sorry if sometime i misunderstood, i'm french and somet1me i miss some terms..
  7. ok i will use xlinkai to make sure it works correctly first. But once its f1nished and working good, who exactly do i contact to approve using link server in it? i could maybe upload it in private and once he/she/they test it, then it would be great to be allowed to host link into it, to make a bigger comunity of online players instead of splitting the comunity by having a different server.. in the end, i want it to be all in the same server. ps: i am looking for testers if interested! all you need is the game titanfall, the console doesnt need to be hacked. if interested send me a message. needs to be discreet and honest.
  8. hell0 LinK server owner(s) or any modders who already know the answer! i just want a confirmation to know if its allowed to host LinK in a homebrew? (make a homebrew with features connecting to link server..) or would i need to contact directly the owner of the server? Thanks!
  9. hi and thanks for the detailed replie! awesome As for the rules i'm sorry i didnt know it was a rule..but keep in mind, the only reason i mentionned xbox live, was to know if xlink etc was semi related to it but its all good now, you cleared that for me hehe i wont talk about it anymore now that i know.
  10. i know link is link and live is live, but i asked if it tries to connect to live for a sec , in case its part of the process of connecting with link. as for xell, i still need to know who worked on it the last, since i cant modify it myself. (i need to alter xell to detect cpu key since my new method, for now i will call it MEM74, can launch xell on boot, but cant detect the cpu key..) about unity.. i know you guys are all here.. what i really wanna know is who is the main person in charge of it? (altought at this point its less of a priority for now..) as for my question about updates, what i really meant was: i made a custom update for titanfall and destiny and i wanted to know if its possible to prevent it from being overwriten by other updates? or.. is it possible, to install as a DLC and force the game to use the files in it, instead of the files from the game? (if the dlc is just modded game files..not an addon.) sorry if my questions are not all clear, kinda scared and stressed about what could happen etc..just wanna makw sure we release it without being patched right away.. thanks. have a good one.
  11. thanks for the info! questions: 1 -who's the latest modder who worked on xell reloaded? 2 -for a game like titanfall, i modded a little bit the 'data center' screen to make a double one that appears on top of the current one in the main menu once you freeze the menu (not sure wich button combo froze it, but i just press every button fast on the main menu and eventually the menu 'data center' freezes but stays behind the title) then my modded 'data center' menu appears where the normal one is suppose to, but instead of looking for their server, it will be linked directly to xboxunity server.. so i wonder: is it allowed to use xboxunity as a tunnel for a modded menu? ..who is actually in charge of xboxunity?.. 3- how to create a custom update that will not get overwritten if a new update is applied?? 4- when we connect to LinK, does it try briefly try to connect to xlive or it goes directly to xunity's server?
  12. Yeah I know but I want to keep fsd as my default dash personal preference. thats why i will probably set a booting key shortcut for aurora. (for xboxunity) when i wake up i'l try again with forza and titanfall (i wish i could with Destny but from what i noticed it seems pretty strict for live for this one.. ) ... ...i thhink i've just moved or broke spmething iin my0 neck rtight now... ..
  13. UPDATE- i removed the syslink.dat, but still the same.. exemple: i launch Forza horizon 2 with latest update, then i open home menu, but the System Link is grey and unclickable.. is there any other reasons it could cause this issue on my side?
  14. hi and thanks for the help mate! kind of the same hehe since, to be precise, my fsd auto-launch at boot so the plugin was the main one laoded in the background, and i did not think to un-load the plugin first Thanks to you though, i wont have to edit my launch ini everytime since you pointed the exact issue i will use aurora once in a while so i think i will have to get use to it when i intend to use Nova.. or..is there a way to set a load priority in Dashlaunch? ..or better yet..if i set Aurora to boot when i hold *** button on boot of the console, i guess it wont have the fsd plugin loaded in the background once i land on Aurora, right? so when i intend on using Aurora, i could boot the console while holding *** button and the nova plugin will activate right away? As for the issue remaining, i will go delete it right now and see if i can use it. Thanks!
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