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  1. if you ever wanna host it yourself https://www.mediafire.com/file/h5t6ne1ku680fu7/Ai_Zombies.rar/file just drag the files into your mw2 folder then when your in game dpad up > dpad left four times > press gametypes > ai zombies also works on system link/LiNK as long as both of you are on title update 6/tu6
  2. ai zombies is a mod for mw2 which is similar to the nazi zombies gamemode from cod world at war/black ops
  3. not sure what you mean i was just linking a chrome extension that bypasses/skips url shorteners unless you was talking to op/M0514H
  4. thought i'd share this mod that only works for offline and title update 6/tu6 that basically has actual bots/ai, i did not create this mod to use it just replace the patch file in your mw2 folder, once your in game press dpad down and press a to spawn bots, to close the bot menu just press knife/right stick you must be on title update 6 or this will not work this only works for 4 maps which are afghan, rust, skidrow and terminal do not spawn too many bots or it will lag but spawning 7 or 9 seems ok download for guests: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/tptfywlrtpllp/MW2+Bots mw2 bots.rar
  5. looks good man, do you think you will do a halo 3/reach skin in the future?
  6. you should get a capture card instead since rgloader's recording isnt good elgato game capture hd or elgato game capture hd60 are capture cards you can use to record your 360
  7. to install rosters i think you gotta do this: open horizon drag the rosters file in the grey/checkerboard area make sure to replace the profile id, device id and console id with your profile to get your profile id etc just put your profile on a usb and double click it/drag it to the grey area click the contents part and right click it then replace the ROSTER-NCAAVIKES2021 file with the one in your 1.36mb folder all you gotta next is just click save to device then on your xbox 360 you can move the rosters file to your hdd if you want
  8. you can use universal bypass https://universal-bypass.org/ it will bypass those links so you dont have to deal with ads
  9. the update you need from unity is 699E0227 update 3 if you cant download it still you can download it from here: https://mega.nz/file/5ZMhASiS#JJHhHY7RUKD--_WcU9YpAReku23Zb6XIVOVE4r2ugsw
  10. made a collection of gametypes and maps tutorial to get these on your xbox: download horizon put a xbox account on a usb open horizon then go to device explorer, and click the arrow near your usb click gamer profiles and drag your profile in the grey area drag a gametype/map you want on your xbox into the grey area copy your console id etc from your profile to the gametype/map file and click save to device n click your usb if you want transfer the gametype/map file on your usb to your harddrive on the xbox or load up halo reach find a gametype/map you want and drag it into the grey area in horizon and go to contents and extract it then (if it was a map it would be called sandbox.map in horizon) open xbox 360 neighboorhood and go to volume (cache 1:) then the autosave and put your gametype/map in there then go to back to halo reach and go to file browser then temporary history and you can save it from there download for guests/people who dont wanna sign up: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/dgc1mutkvg2zm https://mega.nz/folder/0csXnAbI#3_CmwavRf5DQKjox9YegAg edit 12/09/2020 added halo 3 maps and gametypes halo.rar
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