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  1. the update you need from unity is 699E0227 update 3 if you cant download it still you can download it from here: https://mega.nz/file/5ZMhASiS#JJHhHY7RUKD--_WcU9YpAReku23Zb6XIVOVE4r2ugsw
  2. made a collection of gametypes and maps tutorial to get these on your xbox: download horizon put a xbox account on a usb open horizon then go to device explorer, and click the arrow near your usb click gamer profiles and drag your profile in the grey area drag a gametype/map you want on your xbox into the grey area copy your console id etc from your profile to the gametype/map file and click save to device n click your usb if you want transfer the gametype/map file on your usb to your harddrive on the xbox or load up halo reach find a gametype/map you want and drag it into the grey area in horizon and go to contents and extract it then (if it was a map it would be called sandbox.map in horizon) open xbox 360 neighboorhood and go to volume (cache 1:) then the autosave and put your gametype/map in there then go to back to halo reach and go to file browser then temporary history and you can save it from there download for guests/people who dont wanna sign up: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/dgc1mutkvg2zm https://mega.nz/folder/0csXnAbI#3_CmwavRf5DQKjox9YegAg edit 12/09/2020 added halo 3 maps and gametypes halo.rar
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