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Found 3 results

  1. made a collection of gametypes and maps tutorial to get these on your xbox: download horizon put a xbox account on a usb open horizon then go to device explorer, and click the arrow near your usb click gamer profiles and drag your profile in the grey area drag a gametype/map you want on your xbox into the grey area copy your console id etc from your profile to the gametype/map file and click save to device n click your usb if you want transfer the gametype/map file on your usb to your harddrive on the xbox or load up halo reach find a gametype/map you want and drag it into the grey area in horizon and go to contents and extract it then (if it was a map it would be called sandbox.map in horizon) open xbox 360 neighboorhood and go to volume (cache 1:) then the autosave and put your gametype/map in there then go to back to halo reach and go to file browser then temporary history and you can save it from there download for guests/people who dont wanna sign up: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/dgc1mutkvg2zm https://mega.nz/folder/0csXnAbI#3_CmwavRf5DQKjox9YegAg edit 12/09/2020 added halo 3 maps and gametypes halo.rar
  2. Hello guys, i'm trying to play Halo Reach with LiNK but can't update my game. I downloaded the TU, applied it, but then when i try to join a lobby, it says i'm still at TU 0 (instead of 1). I'm installing my game with ISO2GOD. Title ID: 4D53085B MEDIA ID: 61F099B6 The Title update (which I already tried to download from other sources), is TU_16L622R_000001K000000.000000000008D.
  3. This may be quite easy or obvious to figure out but I haven't yet and can't seem to find it anywhere though I think I've seen somthing on this here. Anyways I have reach working fine except for ALL the DLC maps. A majority I think have the spanish versions of the maps (as I see them playing them) but I thought I got the region free ones (every once in a great while I see someone in the same boat as we can actually systemlink them but with 95% of everyone I can't)?? Only other thing I can think is my XEX is the Lord Zedd latest blue flames (plus the other couple files that needed changing to get it to work). I'd like there to be a simple solution and mabey I'm missing somthing. I've unlocked the only one of the map packs that shows up to be unlocked in the unlocker program. I'd also like to keep the ability to use the maps from Asenssion and the awesome people that have built them as they work fine now but whats up with my dlc and linking to the majority???? any help would be greatly appriciated.
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