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  1. Ok I'll try to change default.xex EDIT: I can only find edited versions of default.xex, where can I download the untouched version? Inviato dal mio HUAWEI U9508 utilizzando Tapatalk
  2. Hello guys, I successfully configured my Xbox, and LiNK is working great with several games(Saints row, CODBO2,halo reach and 4). I can't figure out why I can't find any game to join in Diablo III, since the room has always at least 20 players! Thank you in advance. Inviato dal mio HUAWEI U9508 utilizzando Tapatalk
  3. Yes I did. Several times, even completely removing the plug. The strange fact is that the TU manager, even after reboot, says the TU is enabled!
  4. Hello guys, i'm trying to play Halo Reach with LiNK but can't update my game. I downloaded the TU, applied it, but then when i try to join a lobby, it says i'm still at TU 0 (instead of 1). I'm installing my game with ISO2GOD. Title ID: 4D53085B MEDIA ID: 61F099B6 The Title update (which I already tried to download from other sources), is TU_16L622R_000001K000000.000000000008D.
  5. Hi, I followed several guides on the internet to setup my xbox to run LiNK. I created the account, and forwarded the ports on my router. The test for LiNK passes all except for UPnP (which is not the problem, since i forwarded the ports manually). The Xbox has a static IP assigned by the DHCP. When i log into a game (I tried D3, F1, and SR4) I press the Guide Button>System Link and all the Lobbys, and the users shows up. So I select one, and when i try to search for a match/game it says it can't find anything. I also tried to create one on my own, but no one joins. I tried with populated Rooms, like 30-40 ppl, but no games show up. Any help is appreciated! ##Edit## I think i solved my problem. I disabled UPnP in the settings and it worked. Since i mapped my router without it, i needed to untick the option in FSD.
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