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  1. Thats wierd thoough because there's only a couple of title updates and you have to be on the same one to even systemlink which all the other maps and forge world/firefight campaign work flawlessly and connect just fine, but I'm guessing having a diffrent game ID (with it's respective title update) might be the cause of just the DLC not to connect?
  2. This may be quite easy or obvious to figure out but I haven't yet and can't seem to find it anywhere though I think I've seen somthing on this here. Anyways I have reach working fine except for ALL the DLC maps. A majority I think have the spanish versions of the maps (as I see them playing them) but I thought I got the region free ones (every once in a great while I see someone in the same boat as we can actually systemlink them but with 95% of everyone I can't)?? Only other thing I can think is my XEX is the Lord Zedd latest blue flames (plus the other couple files that needed changing to get it to work). I'd like there to be a simple solution and mabey I'm missing somthing. I've unlocked the only one of the map packs that shows up to be unlocked in the unlocker program. I'd also like to keep the ability to use the maps from Asenssion and the awesome people that have built them as they work fine now but whats up with my dlc and linking to the majority???? any help would be greatly appriciated.
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