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Found 19 results

  1. I can join rooms on system link, but matches doesn't appear in game ( black ops 2 ). Help
  2. Hello just did a fresh install of Aurora on the latest Dash. But I don’t see System Link in Guide. Can someone help me out please . My System Link setup is good and all checks pass.
  3. Hi I have an idea for aurora menu I think we need a messaging app so we can play together more comfortably I Made Many Friends on System Link But I can't contact them we need for better experience Please support this project. And my Gamertag=ZekiTR Username:Digital.Gaming57 I usually play red dead Write a comment to play together
  4. hi , i just want to post a link to discord server we have to be able to communicate and play on link so if you like the idea please join us and lets grow our community this link to the server : https://discord.gg/3zxS8rN admin / moderator if the post is not appropriate please move it
  5. hi guys i just have a idea about why we create a community on discord for Link to play all of us one game sometimes or co-ops or just regular multiplayer , i already create a discord channel called system-link if you want to jump in please do and you are more than please to leave any idea or suggestion link for the discord channel : https://discord.gg/3zxS8rN
  6. Hi friends i don't know if i am allow to create this kind of topics but i just want to create discord chat for system link players just to have fun etc... This is the link to my discord https://discord.gg/KrvRHBf
  7. im new to this world ... so when i play black ops 2 on system link i always get a connection problems why ? and how can i know the PING rate ? sorry for my English !
  8. Hi if any one want to play mw2 multiplayer on tu 0 .i am hosting right now if you want jump in
  9. Thors

    Indie games

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for some indie games that support systemlink and coop(multiplayer is good too but coop preferred). I did not even know these gane had systemlink until recently. I tried looking but there's not too much information about each games.So could anyone of you suggest some that you know with the above conditions? Thanks!
  10. hi guys any one want to play cod mw 1 tu4 now am hosting right now
  11. PopeyedGull5

    COD MW 1

    hi guys any one want to play cod mw now i am in the public room now
  12. Hi everyone, I've seen a few similar threads, but none of them described my problem, or solved it. Therefore I open a new topic: Problem: I can't get a "pass" on TCP/UDP. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description: I would like to play online with my RGH Xbox via System Link, but can't get a "pass" on the port tests. I am able to connect to "rooms" via System Link, but no games are found. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Games tested: Diablo 3 UEE (RF, latest TU), CoD Modern Warfare 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Setup: - XBOX 360, Jasper, Glitch2, FSD 3 Rev 775, Dashlaunch 3.10, Kernel 2.0.16537.0, Skin: The Dream Theme 2.5 - Router: Fritz Box 7630 - ISP: Willy.Tel (FTTB) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Network Settings in NXE: - Manual Settings - Static IP: (DHCP reserved IP for XBOX on MAC) - Subnet Mask: - Default Gateway: (IP of my Router) - Primary DNS: - Secondary DNS: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dashlaunch Settings: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LiNK Settings (FSD): Enable LiNK ✔ Enable UPnP ✔ Data Port: 3072 Broadcast Port: 3071 Status: FSD Plugin is Loaded || ConnectX Plugin is not Loaded... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Router Settings: UPnP enabled ✔ List of UPnP enabled Ports: Protocol Port Host IP-Address to Port TCP 3072 RGHXBOX 3072 TCP 3072 RGHXBOX 3072 UDP 3071 RGHXBOX 3071 UDP 3071 RGHXBOX 3071 Port Forwarding: Exposed Host for RGHXBOX ( Additional Router Info: There is no DMZ Option available There is no NAT Settings Option available (see above: Exposed Host) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Result of Test in FSD: UPnP Status: UPnP enabled Router Found Data Port Status: Port: 3072 TCP: Fail UDP: Fail Broadcast Port Status: Port 3071 TCP: Fail UDP: Fail JQE360 Authentication Status: Auth [username]: Pass DevLink Disabled: Pass: DevLink is disabled Ping Patch Enabled: Pass: Ping Patch enabled ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additional Info: I have already tried setting the Router to non DHCP which had the same result. Changing the ports in the Router and in FSD had the same result. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That should be it... I hope I haven't forgotten anything and hopefully someone can help me with this issue. Thx in advance and Cheers Nachtgarm
  13. I ve tried everything i have found on internet regarding to put my Xbox Online on System LiNK :'( Now i have Aurora Pheonix i need your help guys still my System LiNK is greyed out at every game. For the test of System LiNK, Everything is passed except UPNP router detection which i thnk not a big Deal Need your help guys Your response will be highly appreciated. Thanks in Advance btw P.S Sorry for my bad english i guess
  14. Hello guys!I have a problem. I want to play COD Ghosts, everything works well until I run the game and wanted to press SYSTEM LINK. I can't press it, SYSTEM LINK button is in light grey colour, so I don't know where is the problem. I'm running F3 via XeXmenu, games are on my external hard drive. LiNK test works well, everything passed, also ports, I am logged in jqe360.com on website (remember me is checked) and in F3 also, but still not working, even title updates are downloaded so I am really pissed of at the moment. Please help me fix this.Greets!
  15. hi guys, i play bo2 in aurora with system link but i have the problem with lag, when i join in game i dont have lag and the game is very fluid, so everything is right, when i create a game, my personal game the my friend lag in my room, i think the problem it's me because all player join me he lag and he leave the game. what is the problem? i have netgear netgear dgn2200, the port is open, all pass in the verification,indeed i play fluid in friend's room. the play say me nat restricted but i think that says it all not? PLEASE HELP ME!
  16. hello! i have the newest TU (TU #15) and all the DLC. but i dont know whay when i enter a room on system link i cant see all the players/games when i press join game in COD Ghosts. i see some half the time but in the room its say that there is 20-30 players so whay i can't join them on the join game batton? thanks for the helpers!
  17. This may be quite easy or obvious to figure out but I haven't yet and can't seem to find it anywhere though I think I've seen somthing on this here. Anyways I have reach working fine except for ALL the DLC maps. A majority I think have the spanish versions of the maps (as I see them playing them) but I thought I got the region free ones (every once in a great while I see someone in the same boat as we can actually systemlink them but with 95% of everyone I can't)?? Only other thing I can think is my XEX is the Lord Zedd latest blue flames (plus the other couple files that needed changing to get it to work). I'd like there to be a simple solution and mabey I'm missing somthing. I've unlocked the only one of the map packs that shows up to be unlocked in the unlocker program. I'd also like to keep the ability to use the maps from Asenssion and the awesome people that have built them as they work fine now but whats up with my dlc and linking to the majority???? any help would be greatly appriciated.
  18. Really, I'm tired, and there is no subject for LINK except I've read I did everything i replace router , with a new one A thousand times tried and opened ports Port remains did not try it from 0 to 9999 Delete and re-Install "" Everything I did, everything And after all this, it appears 'port : fail' I login to the room and i can see all room But when I go back to the game, does not appear any server (Please do not say to use the latest version of title, bcz i tried this) Farewell LINK , I'll forget you I thank everyone tried to help me, thank you
  19. Hey, so i tryed to play Systemlink Games with two other non-RGH Consoles, but i cantsee other Games and they cant join my games. We have the same TUs, the same Games (mediaid), we are in the same ip-subnet and i have LINK disabled. The Only Game where i see a game is HAWKs but when i try to join there is only a timeout Message. Can someone help with that?
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