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  1. it help me thanks alot!!! swizzy your the bust!!
  2. ok i download cod waw from another website and its steel now working i can see the loading screen but its show it and than the screen gos black over and over. what shuld i do now?
  3. i got the iso files. i deleting them and i re-downloading theme. see what happens
  4. sorry. i downgrad my dash to 747 its fixd the fatal crash problems but the 3 new gams steel dont work.
  5. amm how do i do that? btw i have 4g corona m bord
  6. hey guys! i have update my dashbord from 16747 to 16767 last week. and i was in the army all the week and when i got back i turn on my xbox and its got crazy! my dvd drive opan and close like crazy alots of times! and i add 3 new games (COD MW 1&2 AND COD WAW) and thay dont work! all my other games that ware in the xbox before the update works but i getting fatel crash lots of times. what shuld i do?
  7. what do you mean? it's beacuse my corona 4 giga m bord or beacuse my dashbord version? beacuse i will update my dashbor if it will help.
  8. hey guys! i just saw that xbox live stealth is free now so i wonted to try it out but i saw in there website that it's for dashbord 767 and i have 747 and i have Corona 4 GIGA M bord and i know there is a problem to update my dashbord beacuse of that. and i run a tast to connect to xbox live and i got MTU error but i check my router settings and my MTU is 1492. so do i need to update my dashbrod for xbox live stealth?
  9. hey guys! Did someone was able to open all the costumzetion in call of duty advance warfere? i mean the operator costumzetion. all versions of all weapons. thanks!
  10. i did that allradey. my question was is there an HD Content? beacuse the graphics quality was terrible.
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