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  1. Dark is good.I will definitely be using that.Thanks for your work.
  2. Thors


    Thank you.
  3. Thors


    Hello, I have two questions. I want to know what is the WebUI in Aurora and how do i access it. I've looked for topics mentioning it but i did not see any mentioning those. I have also seen someone with a screenshot of a speedtest in Aurora.Is it a feature?I have never seen it in Aurora or the scripts.Can someone point me in the right direction please?Thank you.
  4. When you add friends, you can see if they are online or not on xboxunity.net but that's it.
  5. Press B on the main screen
  6. Freaking awesome! Thanks for you all for your work.
  7. Really?Switching the default.xex changes the media ID? I will give it a try.
  8. No, he has another GOTY edition. I literally said that above. I understand GOTY editions has the fixes and does not need TUs but his version shows up in systemlink as TU2 despite not having any TU anywhere for this game on his console/ If it was just that i would have simply have him remove his TU and it would be good.I verified thoroughly before making a thread. What i am requesting is to label the goty edition(my version) as TU2 by default since it's already has all the updates.
  9. Hello, i would like to request something but i'm not sure if it's possible or not. I have the game DeadIsland Goty Edition . It's title ID is 4B4D07DF. MediaID: 02C977C2. The game does not have any title update for this media ID.Neither on xboxunity nor on Xboxlive.(i've tried retail) and it shows up on systemlink as TU0. My friend has another GOTY edition copy ,Media ID :2BCF9BDE. In systemlink his game appears as TU2 although he does not have any Title updates in Aurora or on storage. My request would be to label the game with media id :02C977C2 as Tu2 by default(in xboxunity/systemlink). Is that possible? I would like to add that the game menu shows version 1.3 while Aurora shows it as version 0.0something for some weird reason.The games itself works fine , i already verified that it was not something wrong with installation to be sure. Thank you for your time.
  10. Use Aurora 0.6b instead of FSD. You will be able to download the title updates directly from Aurora. jqe360.com does not exist anymore, it's now xboxunity.net. You can download the title update manually from there if you want. Just got to xboxunity.net, find your game, select "Title update", choose the one corresponding to your media ID.Download it and you can use Horizon to transfer it to a usb and from there to your xbox. But it's a waste of time, just get Aurora.
  11. The easiest way to installed them manually is by using Horizon. I'm almost certain there's a fix for FSD3 to be able to download Title Updates again, somewhere on Realmodscene.But i'll advise you to use Aurora.It's much easier , is still supported and will avoid you all the hassle. I found the fix(i think that's it) You may want to try it but like i said above Aurora is the way to go. https://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/6234-release-fsd-tus-and-covers-download-fix/
  12. Skins can be found here on Realmodscene. In the "Skins, Coverflow Layouts, Scripts and Trainers" section.
  13. You can get the updates directly to your console through Aurora.On your game cover press "Y". A menu will show up(https://gyazo.com/2d9cd6d92cf73dda5a7bfe8e8a19189f) Select and open the third icon from top then press "RB".You will have access to all title updates for your game which is available on Xboxunity(https://gyazo.com/a3e1f93d563666c5793b6c75b6280b60).Simply select them to download.Once the title update is downloaded, press "LB" then enable the title update you just downloaded.It will be highlighted once enabled(https://gyazo.com/60e422c4e1267af9a1c8a172ab320378).Hope that's clear, if not tell me.
  14. Thors

    Xbox classic.

    Worked! Thank you.
  15. Thors

    Xbox classic.

    Hello! I have a quick question. Is there any possible way to play xbox original games via system link? I mean like the Aurora/FSD one, not cables or local. I'm almost certain it's not but a the older brother of a friend says that he used to play them on link. Is that even possible?I know this is probably a dumb question but please let me know for sure.
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