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  1. Xbox classic.

    Worked! Thank you.
  2. Xbox classic.

    Hello! I have a quick question. Is there any possible way to play xbox original games via system link? I mean like the Aurora/FSD one, not cables or local. I'm almost certain it's not but a the older brother of a friend says that he used to play them on link. Is that even possible?I know this is probably a dumb question but please let me know for sure.
  3. Indie games

    They don't appear on Unity although they have link support, they are grouped into "community games" room.
  4. Indie games

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for some indie games that support systemlink and coop(multiplayer is good too but coop preferred). I did not even know these gane had systemlink until recently. I tried looking but there's not too much information about each games.So could anyone of you suggest some that you know with the above conditions? Thanks!
  5. (skin) anonymoushd and more

    Would be nice to have some screenshots.
  6. I'm gonna try this.Good work.
  7. Port forwarding assistance

    Hello.I've recently switched isp and got a new router and no matter what i do,the ports are not opening.Maybe someone on here can help.I got a "huawei b310-9cfb" router.According to one post i've found online ,this https://gyazo.com/d493cd61016a225f4866ea3986c755a7 is how it should be but it's not working.In the Lan Ip option i inserted the current ip of my xbox(i did not know if i should hide it or not).Thanks for your time , i'll provide additional info if needed. Also i can't see any game session(I'm able to join room though),i know that it's should be possible to join games without the ports opened but somehow i cannot.Any idea what's possibly causing this?Except for the ports everything else pass in Aurora.
  8. Browser redirecting.Help!

    Thank you very much.It was indeed the proxy.I don't know how this stuff got there.Thanks to you guys,it now solved.
  9. Browser redirecting.Help!

    Hey guys. I am having a bit of a problem with Google Chrome ,i've seach for answers on the web but none of it seems to work,so i though you poeple might have an idea.I hope it's not out of topic as it's not xbox related. The thing is that I keep getting spammed search results from a website called banggood.com(seems like an online store,never heard of it before) and i'm also getting redirected to plusnetwork.com.Nothing seems to work. Things i have already try on my own and on advice i received: 1.I scanned for virus with avast ,also launched a boot scan.It found nothing. 2.Used a tool called adwcleaner,it found some stuff but it was not related. 3.I reset chrome to default. 4.Uninstall and reinstall chrome . 5.Someone suggested looking into a file called "hosts" for weird ip,although i don't understand what it is,i found nothing weird. 6.Checked for extensions,none was added and even with all disabled ,the problem was still there. Now am out of thing to try and this stuff is getting annoying by constantly redirecting me or spamming my search result.Anyone have an idea about what may be causing this and/or how to solve it? Any help is appreciated.Thanks for your time.
  10. Happy New Years!

    A bit early? Happy New Year too.Best wishes to everyone on realmodscene.Thanks for your support throughout the year.Have fun!
  11. game problem

    Are you still stuck?Send me a copy of your game save,i'll try to see if i can get past the door,in my game using your save.
  12. game problem

    It's been a while since i last played this game,you should probably include what level you are talking about ,so that people who played the game might have an idea.Maybe there's puzzle or something to open it?
  13. TU problem

    Did you scan for TU in Aurora?You must make a scan in the Content menu in Aurora.
  14. Hacker

    There are lot of cheaters but to say "most players" is far fetched.
  15. Great skin.I like the color.Many other skins kept the default or used too much bold colors.This one is cool.Hope to see more from you.