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  1. Anas Fuitsu

    why Aurora dev not upload dlc for games

    hi , why Aurora dev not upload dlc for games like dlc map for cod:ghost and i can download it from xbox (Aurora)
  2. Anas Fuitsu

    what is title update number of COD:GHOST ?

    ok oky , thnx for everything
  3. Anas Fuitsu

    what is title update number of COD:GHOST ?

    oky thnx , plz , can give me a link to download a pack 1 & 2
  4. hi , what is number of title update all people play in link cod:ghost bcz the last update title update , must connect to xbox live to enable muitplayer ?
  5. Anas Fuitsu

    creat a server like xbox live

    I have an idea, why do not we develop a network similar to the "xbox live" Where delude your Xbox, it connects to Live, and every game can be on link
  6. [help] install avatar in 16747 dashbored ??
  7. hi, i hv donload the last of title updadte (15) and when select it and start game go to multiplayer notice msg show , : it's most to connect to xbox live and download a free contain ?? what is a true title ver to play ghost bcz 15 must connet to live
  8. Anas Fuitsu

    XeBuild and Dashlaunch Updated for 16747

    thnx , but after update avatar is hiding
  9. SCREEN CAPTURE FUITSU with many repairs :https://mega.co.nz/#!TtBFyYpR!51kfsPbKpemKNHGp-FkW0MnT8i0DjP459Exh7-Xllqc FOR official site of my project and all update , go to http://www.xbox360iso.com/download-beta-screen-t750583.html
  10. Anas Fuitsu


    Second edition, coming soon, with many repairs
  11. Anas Fuitsu


    Hello, and finally complemented beta version of the draft, What this application: Is a program that can capture an image of the screen and the Xbox you inside the game through computer What is the difference between the Experimental version, and the full future: This version just to experience the process of image capture and storage. And that you like the program I will add more features Watch this Video My experience of the program https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcE4o-URDTE&feature=youtu.be Installation method: 1- on freestyle go to setting >> system setting >>securty now check 'disable HTTPauthentication' 2-(on pc) download and extractor 'project_screen.rar' http://www.4shared.com/rar/ScNWlLDnba/project_screen.html *if you have issues of download file , i will re upload to another server soon * 3 -after extractor will find 2 folder (WebRoot) and (SCREEN CAPTURE Fuitsu) 4-(on xbox now ) open xexmenu go to hhd1/freestyle/plugin and will find 'WebRoot' folder , remove it 5-now copy WebRoot (That you downloaded) from pc to xbox copy to hhd1/freestyle/plugin 6-now going to testing application on your pc go to "SCREEN CAPTURE Fuitsu" and run "SCREEN CAPTURE Fuitsu.exe" will find like this now write your ip of xbox ( ip only without http) and press connect now SCREEN CAPTURE by click button 'SCREEN CAPTURE' and waiting now when u see screen is bule m click to screen to show the picture I want to see your experiences of the program and that you like I will add more features And sorry on my non-English good I hope admin to put my project on the main page of the site FUITSU
  12. Anas Fuitsu

    ScreenCaptureImage xbox by FUITSU (Sorry for the delay)

    the beta ver. is complite Remain only explain how the installation I hope admin post my project on the main page of the site
  13. Hello, I expected that the project will not take more than 24 hours But I faced many problems, which I had to re-build a new structure to capture the image Post will soon be very experimental version, I apologize for the delay but would love to have the program without errors Thanks for waiting FUITSU
  14. Anas Fuitsu

    'admin' i need help for complete my project to fs3

    how can i disable authentication with i connect to webui bcz i used webkit engine , and this engine not support authentication how can i direct connecto to webui without authentication box only for ver beta