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Anas Fuitsu


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Hello, and finally complemented beta version of the draft, 
What this application: 
Is a program that can capture an image of the screen and the Xbox you inside the game through computer 
What is the difference between the Experimental version, and the full future: 

This version just to experience the process of image capture and storage. And that you like the program I will add more features 

 Watch this Video

My experience of the program


Installation method:
1- on freestyle go to setting >> system setting >>securty 
now check 'disable HTTPauthentication'   

2-(on pc) download and extractor   'project_screen.rar'

*if you have issues of download file , i will re upload to another server soon *

3 -after extractor  will find 2 folder (WebRoot) and (SCREEN CAPTURE Fuitsu)
4-(on xbox now )  open xexmenu go to hhd1/freestyle/plugin
and will find 'WebRoot' folder , remove it 
5-now copy WebRoot (That you downloaded) from pc to xbox
copy to  hhd1/freestyle/plugin       
6-now going to testing application 
on your pc go to "SCREEN CAPTURE Fuitsu"
and run "SCREEN CAPTURE Fuitsu.exe" 
will find like this 

now write your ip of xbox ( ip only without http)
and press connect 
and waiting 

now when u see screen is bule m click to screen to show the picture

I want to see your experiences of the program and that you like I will add more features 
And sorry on my non-English good
I hope admin to put my project on the main page of the site

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