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  1. oh yeah and I completely understand that swizzy like the way we could arrange the games into folders Homebrew, XBLA etc Im also having probs using 360 content manager with ftp too but everything is well appreciated and the effort its amazing that is put into these projects thanks to all involved
  2. Hi guys im just wondering when things like fan control mod and folders will be coming to aurora?? also I would like to say thanks for the dash its great could do with more updates but im sure you all have much in store for us in the near future Thanks guys
  3. will test in the morning but thanks for this fuitsu this is greatly needed :-)
  4. Hi guys I have been wondering with the iphone freestyle app be developed for android at all as I wont ever buy iphone and never intent to they break to easily and would love to test it out on android please like this post if you think this is a great development idea
  5. Hi there I have the latest dash and latest freeboot and have tried to run the latest DLC for GTA 5 and can not view the title update in the F3 game options menu all others show and it is currently on my RGH do you know of any fixes for this?? This is the only game in my list that does it too also had a bit of trouble obtaining TU's from server need help fast please cheers Jasper BB F3: 30b 775 Skin Dream theme 2.5 Kernel Ver: 2.0.16547.0
  6. yeah that is the one insanity4all im using the dream theme 2.3 and thats what i can t see cheers for the heads up ill try and change the skin see if that works cheers
  7. no dont mean that I mean the one where you boot the 360 and wait for dash to load and there is a bar at the bottom of the guide with some sort of writing on it tried to arrange tv (46inch 3D) its massive but still cant see the complete bar the overscan settings in F3 dont make a difference to it tried already ill have a look at view settings on tv tomoro :-)
  8. Ive had a rgh for ages and for some crazy reason I cant get dashlaunch to start ive done this loads of times to just hangs with a black screen can anyone help please :-)
  9. Hi there I recently updated F3 and have noticed a bar at the bottom of the guide but all I can see is a blue line and part of some text is there any chance this bar can be moved up so I can see it please cheers!!
  10. cheers for the update I have got a problem with F3 too when you press the guide button a bar is at the bottom of the screen but I can not psychically see it. is there any chance it can be moved up slightly in the next update please?? and thanks again for the best homebrew dash EVER!
  11. right guys this is the low down of 3 days of trying to get link to work believe me im tired I started by adding ports into router and kept getting 3 good then a fail so i decided to carry on anyway after cahnging the ports and router config about 700 times lol but was still getting fails I then this morning decided that me and my RGH 1.0 was going on anyways so I still had a fail but tried link anyway with the release saying there could be bugs and BOOM MW3 with 5 people started adding peeps straight away we are gonna make this big peeps! now i just have to downgrade title updates to match the game and im away! hope this helps you all as ive had much deliberation with this too and ill see you all online soon PIPADEE2012 From the UK if this helps sometimes can find rooms sometimes settings are gone ill keep updating as i find more out tested COD 4 MW3 and BLak pops excuse the spelling i have my reasons lol
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