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  1. Thanks a lot for this.Finally Osman is working fine.
  2. Thanks for new version.Can you tell me how can I fix sound error and slow fps on some parts in Metal Gear Solid?
  3. GameLov3r


    I think they still working to get it online.
  4. New site looks nice but i can't see where are new TU's or new covers posted,like on jqe360,because everything is confusing.I would love to see some improvements in this sections.
  5. 1.You need new version of FSD 3 Rev 775 to see new TU. 2.You can update your console to new kernel version and you don't need to worry about "ruin" your RGHYou have tutorials how to do that and how to make a hacked image. 3.It will be good to update your DL and you not lose your setting in it.Just download new version,put Installer folder on USB flash drive,run default.xex from Xex Menu and you will be promt to update your DL. 4.No you don't need to reformat your hard drive.Just delete your previous FSD folder and copy new version.I hope that you didn't forget how to do this. BTW.GTA V requires 16203 dash minimum and that's why you can't play the game.
  6. Thanks for new version.
  7. Can someone tell me is it posible to take a screenshots with FSD3 in png format,because i always got bmp?
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