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  1. great work guys really like all the new features must have took a lot of hard work and time thanks.
  2. here is another trainer pack got it off a link a while back all credit to creators para xyz etc hope this helps AuroraTrainerPack.rar
  3. not dead but i did hear of a truck full of beer that crashed up that way might have something to do with it lol.
  4. defo gone this time pity good times together rip xyz roll on xbox one mods if ever x
  5. @gavin_darkglider since russia are being blamed for a lot of tampering these days i thought i would just throw it in lol was a joke no harm intended just got off phone with putin he assured me they had nothing to do with it.
  6. must be russia hacking xyz this time lol
  7. any more news on xyzmods comming back.
  8. thanks Nikemikey for sharing these. all the trainers ive downloaded i never thought of keeping them all in a file . i just delete replace ect nice work.
  9. PARACRYPT has gone on a huge christmas bender and wont be seen for anytime soon
  10. the search is on for PARACRYPT who hasnt being heard from in over a week .xyzmods is down and a lot of people are are finding out you dont miss a good thing until its gone.
  11. i too was wondering why xyz was down hope its not down for good
  12. thanks for reply swiz. i think ill have to download those maps again ,
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