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Found 21 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm looking for the latest TU for Mafia II with Title ID 545407E6, Media ID 32DFB07A, base version 00000001. Some DLCs won't work without the latest TU. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi...I request new trainer for Ace combat 6: Fires of Liberation (The existing one do not work or do not contain some of the desired options). Title id= 4e4d07d1. Trainer options: God Mod. Infinite Machine Gun. Infinite Missiles. Infinite Special Weapons. No Missiles & Special Weapons Cooldown. Thank you.
  3. anybody got a tropico 5 trainer or found one because i can't.
  4. So, I've thinking of some features that would make better the overall experience of Aurora and Unity: 1.) Chat room for friends and in-game: As the title specifies, many people (Icluiding me) would like a feature that includes a chatroom for added friends and gamers along. 2.) Stream the Xbox 360's display on the NOVA WebUI site: This would make the WebUI a much, much more better site overall. Basically, the WebUI would show what the game is displaying on the console. But only the game, audio would be cool, and this would be a feature that drastically eliminates the "Screen Capture" request. 3.) Communities and forums accesible through Xbox 360 and PC: 5.Basically, this means you can add Topics/Threads on a "Forum" which could be accesible through xboxunity.net and the console: On PC: Access the "Forums" tab, and search for the game/topic. Here, you can create a Thread of the game you would like people to read, and comment their thoughts on, and also, maybe even make finding people for a game much easier. On Xbox 360: Enter the game you'd like to see the forum, and push the Xbox Guide button, access System Link, and select the "Forums" tab, here you'll see the Threads that people has make, and you can press "Y" to create a Thread or comment on a Thread. 4.) Web Browser: Title says everything, a Web Browser functionality for the dashboard that works built-in with HTML5, also kills the "YouTube" request. 5.) "Friend" is playing "Game": This is a message popup saying {{Friend Name}} is playing {{Game}} right now! (Similar to the Steam UI). 6.) Built-in Skin Editor: Edit you own skins through the aurora interface! 7.) Enter an Unity account depending on a Profile: Example: If I use the {{Name}} profile, Aurora will load the Unity Account that corresponds to that account. 8.) Special tournaments for LiNK games: Example: A Call of Duty: Black Ops II tournament where a room will be created for the tournament. 9.) Sync-in with Facebook, Google+ or Twitter: Syncronization for Facebook, G+ or Twitter for the Unity accounts. 10.) Game Rewards: Custom rewards for playing time/actions completed. Example: 1000 gamerscore for playing {{Game}} for 10 hours. 11.) Kinect recognition features: Some special Aurora kinect features, Example: "Hey, Aurora!", "Open {{Game}}", "Turn off" etc. 12.) Custom Description for Games. A built-in Description editor for the games, to do this, press Y+X when entering the game's details. Thank you for reading this! I'll keep updating this when things get on my mind. 😀
  5. Hi, the Utility Scripts documentation is outdated, it's from the old version of Aurora (0.6b). It would be great if some admin could update the readme so it would be more easy to create Utility Scripts
  6. Good greetings .. a question who knows how to edit a trainer -? who could edit the trainer of the game Evil Within to be compatible with the TU 5 please or as it is done.. who can edit the one already created to be compatible with the title update 5 please Trainer(RETROBYTE).xex
  7. Hello! Can anyone upload Mojang's TU60 (the one released on December 19 2017)? I have searched for other uploads, but none of them seem to work for me (corrupted error, despite redownloading 5 times). If you can upload a later version, that would be much appreciated! Edit: Any download would do, but a MEGA download is preferable.
  8. I've searched high and low for title update 3 which I cannot find anywhere. I would be forever grateful if somebody could upload it. The trainer I have only works for TU3.
  9. I was looking at my mediaID and found out on 3770bdbb ID there isn't any updates and should be 2 or 3 if I recall correctly. Senko no Ronde Rev. X (Vs. SHMUP) -Title ID- 475207d1 -Media ID- 3770bdbb (JP release, US title updates are available, and covers can offer mine if needed, as I have the game physically but no JP console T_T). Thanks a lot and first post here, so hi everyone! -Rockleevk
  10. i can not make or find any earth defense trainers for the 3 games
  11. Hello, Does anybody have the Mojang TU54 update for Xbox 360 (the latest one, going to come out soon)? Please post it here. Thanks. Edit: If possible, zip it into a single file and upload it. Thanks again!
  12. Someone could create a unique software for aurora and beat Screenshots direct on the pc with the options to hit screenshot in png or jpeg this would help a lot and yes I already know that there is the Xbox 360 Screen Capture GUI but it does not have how to beat png or jpeg Even more with appearance of pluguin in modules in aurora 0.6 the same in this photo below.
  13. I think a automatic LiNK join option would be nice. So that you automaticly can join rooms when you start a game.
  14. I came across a problem with a DLC for the game batman arkham origins This dlc, needs TITLE UPDATE 4 to work This title update comes with updated default.xex wich is one of those that doesnt loads the game from any dashboard or even launching from the browser`(gives an error message and takes back to aurora launcher) So you have to run the game from an alternative .xex file included (in this case is the file SP.xex) Thing is, game shows up ok in aurora's list, but i cant load it directly from there, i have to browse to that sp.xex file and load it there Hence my suggestion/request Btw thanks fot this great dash, really looking forward to the new update Thanks!
  15. I want to request a Bannlist or a Kick/Bann System for Multiplayer. Also a High Ping Kicker would be useful. Is this doable ? Maybe not via the game but via the API in the Background ?
  16. I had the idea that Aurora can include an Addon Store for Tools, Plugins, Emulators etc. (like Firefox) with automatic Update feature. What do you think about ?
  17. Hi, I wanna to request something which is often seen from emulators: Savestates. Reason: Who don't know that moment, you play something like Splinter Cell Conviction, there is a fight or something else and sometimes, you are tired about trying and failing the last part of a level before you can save. Happens oftenly in Alien Isolation or Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005) because... THE FUCKING GAME CRASHES SOMEWHERE AND I DUNNO HAVE A LOG ABOUT IT!... Ok... srsly... that's not so nice... but as mentioned before, there are many games where you can not safe there, where you want or make more than one safe... without any large sentences, it's possible because the RAM of the 360 is only 512mb big so in worst case, dumping the full RAM if needed, will take 50sec which is acceptable if you think about how many new ways you'll get or profit from this function. I know that making savestate don't always work like I think, that there are probably smarter and faster ways but anyway, I would like to suggest this function which would be cool Hope we can discuss about it. Have a nice Day Pascal
  18. Pt-Br Pessoal, obrigado pelo excelente trabalho. As minhas sugestões são as seguintes. Uma forma de baixar os trainers direto da Aurora, assim como é feito com as TU's. Tornaria muito mais rápido a forma como são feitas as buscas e os downloads. Um feed de noticias relacionadas as novidades da xbox unity ou da cena xbox. Tenho outras sugestões, irei elaborar com mais calma e volto ao tópico assim que souber explicar do que se trata. En-Us Staff, thank you for the excellent work. My suggestions are the following. A way to download the trainers straight from the Aurora, as well as is done with the TU's. Would make it much faster to how they are made searches and downloads. A news feed related to the news of the xbox unity, or of the xbox scene. I have other suggestions, I will elaborate with more calm and get back to the topic so that you know to explain what it is. Thank you all and I apologize for the bad English.
  19. Hey First of Thanks for your slick looking dashboard and the fast loading time of the covers! I have a request though, which i miss I usually do a lot with the xbox content manager, but it requires a samba server to connect with. Any chance of adding this in the future??
  20. I'm just looking for a program called flash 360 to update my dash to 16756 like the guy in this video does and I dont manage to find that any where
  21. Hi guys, I was just wondering if someone could make an homebew app for Xbox 360 RGH so we could watch youtube videos? Thx
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