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  1. This is alot lol. How would I go about getting that information? I'm assuming crack it open and look for certain things.
  2. If I wanted to learn how to do it myself where could I go?
  3. Thanks for the information! Know any trustworthy sellers? I'm hoping to get the best I can so I can (hopefully)avoid a bad purchase.
  4. I'm looking for a new jtag. I bought mine last year, but turns out the xbox he sent me was in terrible shape with rust, and dust all over the inside it's now on the verge of breaking down by constantly throwing ventilation errors not even a minute after starting it.
  5. Okay nice! You've been a MAJOR help to me because that one question has been nagging at me. I cannot thank you enough. Lol sorry I assumed you didnt know what AOB was. You'd be surprised by how many people dont know what it means. Again thank you!!!!
  6. That's kinda what I thought. Mostly comes down to the game/developer. Is there some kind of way to bypass the address changing? Like pc has aobs (array of bytes) to search in order to hack dynamic addresses. I'm sorry about all the questions. Just wanna learn as much as I can!
  7. Lol mass effect 1 is the game with CD I wanna hack if that helps any with the question I have peekpoker so I'm good there could you explain further? Some sources say they are static while others disagree. I'm assuming it comes down to the game almost like pc.
  8. I'm new to xbox trainer creation, but I do have experience in other mod/cheat creation like PC, IOS, and android. So I'm needing some advice from all you veterans out there. 1. What's the best way to tackle a none visible value. Like a power cooldown or weapon overheat. 2. What's the best poker available? 3. Are xbox addresses static? This is all for now but I'll probably have more as I progress. Thanks ahead of time for any information!
  9. I cant seem to find a working trainer for mass effect 1. One trainer loads and shows, but doesnt effect anything when activated. Another trainer crashes the game on the EA logo. If you know of a trainer which works, need more information, or know how I could mod the files of the game like me2 I would be grateful. Title ID: 4D5307E8 Media ID: 38575660
  10. I've searched high and low for title update 3 which I cannot find anywhere. I would be forever grateful if somebody could upload it. The trainer I have only works for TU3.
  11. I'll give it a Google. Hopefully I'll be able to find something out. Just don't know what could could something that has worked so well just stoput randomly. Thanks for being responsive and trying to help I'm sorry I didn't have the correct tools to debug.
  12. 0.5b aurora. Do you think a should upgrade could help? If you have a link or some kind way to get the xdk or xbwatson I can give it a look and see what's really happening. The thing has been a hair pull lol.
  13. I tried another USB with the same results. I double checked the files and they don't seem corrupted. I also reformmatted both devices with the same result. Lol I swear this stuff could only happen to me.
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