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  1. i would love to learn do you know the min computer requirements to make a trainer my pc is old and slow and iam not to computer savvy at all but i have made codes for nes snes back in day but barly rember anything
  2. really want toy soldiers cold war trainers 58410aac
  3. thank u a lot for the earth defense trainers now i need ultimate alliance 1 gold trainer
  4. for some reason i cant see or get em too work i have the newest version of auaroa put em in the trainer folder unzipped
  5. thank you very much for the earth defense force trainers
  6. i can not make or find any earth defense trainers for the 3 games
  7. can some one please make trainers inf ammo no reload for the earth defenses games
  8. i would pich in a 150$ if i could get all the old games to work on jtag mainly def jam and gladius and the warriors along with any dlc and also trainers would be cool
  9. works great installed and playing the old games now how do i do the trainners?? were do i put the trainners help me
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