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  1. The asset files are generated regardless if the there is anything to store or not iirc - that should mean that we should be able to generate a list of titles without covers
  2. Most likely it's just cheaper to do it that way, there's less components for that chip as it has no crystal as is required for other chips on corona
  3. If memory serves me right the 0.993 Beta and 0.993 Beta 2 were really just updated Libxenon toolchain compilations... so 0.992 is the latest emulator code
  4. Corona4G is for 4GB NANDS, not 16MB NANDS like you're saying... I don't remember what exactly is different for Winbond nands, perhaps another bootloader (been too long) if that's the case - it'd be easy to detect and choose the appropriate one I didn't re-write xeBuild GUI to support reading 4GB nands because i didn't have time/energy to do so... nobody else has decided to read up on my other projects where i actually did write support for detecting which one to use, and also read EVERYTHING from the nands, including the filesystem... i was going to write a 3.0 myself using that project once it was fully implemented (with full support for badblocks etc.) but not enough time/energy anymore to do so...
  5. Would you mind making a pull request towards https://github.com/XboxUnity/AuroraAssetEditor with the fixes?
  6. No, i cannot. I'm not a graphics developer, and i do not wish to work with Retroarch ever again.
  7. Something changed with the xbox.com website, it's no longer accepting the same parameters as it used to, it now returns a 500 internal error meaning the server software was unable to handle the request (it basically crashed) probably due to a missing required parameter that was added or that the format of all the parameters changed
  8. Perhaps the xbox.com API changed? that doesn't make the whole thing useless, the logs would also tell someone else (like me for instance) what the problem is, it could also be on your computer that the problem exists. You can still download the background etc. etc. manually and add them to the asset packs. ** EDIT: ** Someone else posted this aswell: and provided the log, it tells me that something changed on the xbox.com website.
  9. The issue is most likely with the cabinet or whatever you have to connect the SSD to your console Cheap cabinets take shortcuts and don't have a real serial sent to the console. Aurora tracks devices by their serial, if it doesn't get the same serial twice from the HDD/SSD it'll fail to detect it as the same device The issue is unlikely to be related to "Game" or "Games", it's likely to be related to the cabinet/enclosure used, get another one and it'll probably work... but it could also be the use of a SSD vs. a HDD, a SSD run WAY faster than a HDD does, and the Xbox 360 doesn't really work that well with SSD's
  10. Gligli is the guy behind RGH, i don't believe he originally hacked the xbox 360 (JTAG and kingkong shader hack etc.)
  11. Did you use the compiler linked above? if not - it's not the correct file format
  12. Most likely it's a false positive, the "name" suggests it's merely executing a Javascript, not entirely sure why you would need such in this, but... could be that it's using a webbased interface under the hood... which could be the reason your antivirus is blocking it...
  13. I'm assuming you don't know how to do SQL updates? It's fairly easy, i might write some code for my app to do that, just not sure how long it'll take before it's remotely ready for public usage
  14. co-op is defined as playing together to reach a goal, that is what the script checks for, based on what is specified in the xbox store (or actually the Aurora DB which is populated from the Xbox store) What you are looking for might be Offline Multiplayer rather than Co-Op For that you could use the following script: GameListFilterCategories.User["Only Local Multiplayer Games"] = function(Content) minco = bit32.rshift(bit32.band(Content.CapabilitiesOffline.LowPart, 0x00FF0000), 16) maxco = bit32.rshift(bit32.band(Content.CapabilitiesOffline.LowPart, 0xFF000000), 24) minp = bit32.band(Content.CapabilitiesOffline.LowPart, 0x000000FF) maxp = bit32.rshift(bit32.band(Content.CapabilitiesOffline.LowPart, 0x0000FF00), 8) return (((minco > 1 or minco == 1) and (maxco > 2 or maxco == 2)) or ((minp > 1 or minp == 1) and (maxp > 2 or maxp == 2))) end
  15. That information isn't part of the Assets, it's part of the Database, i started working on a tool to do that type of stuff, but didn't complete it... The code for the tool is available on github here: https://github.com/Swizzy/AuroraDbManager it's incomplete and i'm not currently working on it (not enough time anymore)
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