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  1. Swizzy

    Aurora Translation Tool

    Did you use the compiler linked above? if not - it's not the correct file format
  2. Swizzy

    F3 ContentItems Editor

    Most likely it's a false positive, the "name" suggests it's merely executing a Javascript, not entirely sure why you would need such in this, but... could be that it's using a webbased interface under the hood... which could be the reason your antivirus is blocking it...
  3. I'm assuming you don't know how to do SQL updates? It's fairly easy, i might write some code for my app to do that, just not sure how long it'll take before it's remotely ready for public usage
  4. co-op is defined as playing together to reach a goal, that is what the script checks for, based on what is specified in the xbox store (or actually the Aurora DB which is populated from the Xbox store) What you are looking for might be Offline Multiplayer rather than Co-Op For that you could use the following script: GameListFilterCategories.User["Only Local Multiplayer Games"] = function(Content) minco = bit32.rshift(bit32.band(Content.CapabilitiesOffline.LowPart, 0x00FF0000), 16) maxco = bit32.rshift(bit32.band(Content.CapabilitiesOffline.LowPart, 0xFF000000), 24) minp = bit32.band(Content.CapabilitiesOffline.LowPart, 0x000000FF) maxp = bit32.rshift(bit32.band(Content.CapabilitiesOffline.LowPart, 0x0000FF00), 8) return (((minco > 1 or minco == 1) and (maxco > 2 or maxco == 2)) or ((minp > 1 or minp == 1) and (maxp > 2 or maxp == 2))) end
  5. That information isn't part of the Assets, it's part of the Database, i started working on a tool to do that type of stuff, but didn't complete it... The code for the tool is available on github here: https://github.com/Swizzy/AuroraDbManager it's incomplete and i'm not currently working on it (not enough time anymore)
  6. https://github.com/Swizzy/AuroraScripts/blob/master/Media/Scripts/UserFilters/OnlyLocalCoop.lua There is already such a filter available...
  7. Sorry, but this tool was made specifically for Aurora, FSD's asset files aren't the same format as the Aurora assets files. I have no plans of making this compatible with FSD as that is old and no longer updated, Aurora is in a way the replacement for FSD made by largely the same people that made FSD https://github.com/Swizzy/AuroraAssetEditor/blob/master/010 Editor Binary Template/FSDAssetTemplate.bt this is the FSD format https://github.com/Swizzy/AuroraAssetEditor/blob/master/010 Editor Binary Template/AuroraAssetTemplate.bt this is the Aurora format If you look at them, you'll notice they're very different
  8. Swizzy

    a system update is required to use kinect

    You need to install the avatar update while your kinect is connected
  9. Swizzy

    Aurora Translation Tool

    Use the Language Pack compiler:
  10. Swizzy

    Libxenon toolchain install?

    There are plenty of ways of getting past that, here's a link that might help you: http://www.debianadmin.com/how-to-reset-debian-root-password.html
  11. Swizzy

    Felida's RetroArch

    They likely won't release a new Xbox 360 version, doesn't mean they've stopped updating it... RetroArch is a multi-platform project, it is not Xbox 360 specific
  12. Swizzy

    Possible to create new retail Blade Dash nand?

    You'll need to extract the contents of the update, or find a dump with that version and extract the contents from there... The ini files are really just telling xeBuild what files go into the flash and what bootloaders to use, the values are a CRC32 of the contents of the file iirc
  13. Swizzy

    File manager requests

    Doing it on PC with USB 3.0 is probably faster then doing it on the console as the console is limited to USB 2.0 speeds, also the console only supports FAT32 as USB well, it could be done so the copy process is done in the background while you are moving on to the next game...
  14. Swizzy


    Hasn't happened for Aurora, why would it happen for NetISO?
  15. Swizzy


    It's about as illegal as Aurora or FSD, it all depends on how you use it, if you make your own backup copies in the ISO format, it's not illegal to use NET Iso in most countries... but if you use pirated versions, it is, just the same as if you make a backup copy of a game to your HDD and play it from there with Aurora, it's a similar thing...