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  1. 0001 can be a short anywhere on the motherboard, did you do any soldering on the board? Remove everything that is attached to the console and try to boot it
  2. Swizzy

    Aurora Asset Editor for Mac OSX

    I doubt i will ever make a version for Mac, not alot of people actually use Mac when they have a Xbox 360, not alot of tools in general exist for/work with Mac in general. Most people that have a hacked Xbox 360 also have a windows PC... Also, you can use Windows on a MAC using bootcamp and/or VMWare, Virtualbox etc.
  3. Swizzy

    Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    It will be released when it's ready to be released, just like always, asking for a release date won't make it any faster...
  4. Swizzy

    Site Maintenance

    That makes no sense, the Certificate is for the "www.realmodscene.com" domain... perhaps you tried it with just "realmodscene.com"? not sure if that's covered by the setup... should be tho...
  5. Swizzy

    arabic files plz

    We do not offer copyright protected material in this website, asking for them may even lead to you being banned
  6. Swizzy

    Where are the settings/everything stored?

    Aurora Settings are profile ID based Game Covers are stored based on the HDD ID, it can be updated in the db if you know it... it's not an easy task to do tho, however, you can easily use my Asset Editor to extract the covers you wish to use followed by importing them back in...
  7. Swizzy

    (unofficial) xeBuildGUI V3.1

    You missed the word "patch" didn't you? regardless, it does NOT build a ECC image from scratch like the python script which xeBuild GUI executes
  8. Swizzy

    Repo Sorts Are Not Visible After Install

    Can you check if the Repos.ini looks the same as this one?: https://github.com/XboxUnity/AuroraScripts/blob/master/AuroraRepo/Repos.ini
  9. Swizzy

    (unofficial) xeBuildGUI V3.1

    That's because JRunner patch a pre-defined ECC rather then building one from scratch
  10. Swizzy

    I need a kV

    No, you need to buy a new console if you got banned using your KV and this time don't use it online... If you f*ed up and erased the NAND of your console, there are donor NAND's available on the web, i wrote a Donor Edition of xeBuild GUI that you may be able to find somewhere aswell that is purely to fix issues where the original nand has been completely lost... (it can also work with partial corruption) it's recommended that you stay away from donor data tho as each nand contains data that is unique for your console such as calibration data for your particular console...
  11. Swizzy

    found metal pin in my xbox 360 hdd casing

    There is no such thing as a Retail Microsoft shop that installs RGH 2.0 in consoles... was the HDD a Slim or Phat? slim - it could be part of the mechanism that holds the HDD in place while in the console, you pull the fabric thingy and it may have been a part of that... You should NOT leave that in the hdd as it may cause a short if it ends up somewhere on the PCB
  12. Swizzy

    RHG 2 ok but with NO Xell anywhere

    It was due to the settings sent to xeBuild most likely, 1BL key would make things not work at all if it was incorrect... There are other options for launching XeLL other then eject, such as GUIDE on a wired controller... (in the back port)
  13. hi swizzy


    what is the best settings for behavior in dash launch ?

    1. Swizzy


      Not sure what you mean? Personally i just use defaults...

  14. Sounds like a problem with your dashlaunch plugins or the kernel patches
  15. Swizzy

    RGH cant find my tools on pc

    We do not offer support for cheaters that wish to be on Xbox LIVE, go somewhere else...