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  1. Swizzy

    Possible to create new retail Blade Dash nand?

    You'll need to extract the contents of the update, or find a dump with that version and extract the contents from there... The ini files are really just telling xeBuild what files go into the flash and what bootloaders to use, the values are a CRC32 of the contents of the file iirc
  2. Swizzy

    File manager requests

    Doing it on PC with USB 3.0 is probably faster then doing it on the console as the console is limited to USB 2.0 speeds, also the console only supports FAT32 as USB well, it could be done so the copy process is done in the background while you are moving on to the next game...
  3. Swizzy


    Hasn't happened for Aurora, why would it happen for NetISO?
  4. Swizzy


    It's about as illegal as Aurora or FSD, it all depends on how you use it, if you make your own backup copies in the ISO format, it's not illegal to use NET Iso in most countries... but if you use pirated versions, it is, just the same as if you make a backup copy of a game to your HDD and play it from there with Aurora, it's a similar thing...
  5. Swizzy

    Aurora 0.7b, including NOVA, by Phoenix

    A little more details perhaps? Does it work with other versions of Aurora? or XEXMenu? What happens when you try to launch it? what Dashlaunch settings do you have?
  6. Swizzy

    File manager requests

    Putting it in the Filemanager makes me feel like we're re-inventing the wheel and adding a feature that's likely to be rarely used and/or will cause alot of confusion Putting it in the main display under the details menu would be the way to go imho, that way you already have your filters etc. and all that's needed is moving the content to a new location and updating the database, much much smaller task as you don't need the whole filemanager to do that... Putting it in a Utility Script would be a sort of POC, and is something you can do on your own, it's fairly simple to re-use the filters as they are, you merely need to read the data from the database into an object that reflects the data expected by the filters and you're good to go, from there it's merely moving the data (selecting where to move it to and making the transfer, afterwards you'd update the database with the location of where it went is all)
  7. Swizzy

    Technical details about dashlaunch required

    It's a tool to patch the kernel with some additional features and it also adds support for launching an alternative dashboard It depends on the builder you use and the settings you use, most builders have a default of including Dashlaunch during build, however they also allow you to disable that If your NAND came with Dashlaunch pre-installed the installer is nothing more then a config tool, otherwise it's a installer and config tool Dashlaunch is sort of a homebrew app that the kernel loads if possible, but it's not part of the kernel per-say
  8. Swizzy

    Where does XellReloaded program reside??

    It's part of the NAND It's not part of the "normal" boot chain, it's in the secondary bootchain If your NAND is corrupted in the wrong blocks XeLL-Reloaded will not boot either
  9. Swizzy

    deviceid update script

    Correct, you can find the Aurora API documentation here: https://github.com/XboxUnity/AuroraScripts
  10. It's related to both, Dashlaunch settings change the behavior when there is a fatal error, it can Freeze the console, reboot it or shut it down. the FSD plugin is causing the game to crash, but it may also be related to other dashlaunch settings such as fakelive together with the FSD plugin Just because you cannot see a direct connection doesn't mean dashlaunch has a hand in causing the problem, certain settings are known to cause problems with some games, sometimes directly sometimes indirectly
  11. Swizzy

    File manager requests

    That wouldn't be something that'd be part of the Filemanager, perhaps a feature to move title content instead In theory, this would be possible to do with a Utility Script instead
  12. Swizzy

    Aurora Language Pack Compiler

    https://www.visualstudio.com/downloads/ for the record, you should be able to just use the Community edition of VS 2017 to compile it
  13. 0001 can be a short anywhere on the motherboard, did you do any soldering on the board? Remove everything that is attached to the console and try to boot it
  14. Swizzy

    Aurora Asset Editor for Mac OSX

    I doubt i will ever make a version for Mac, not alot of people actually use Mac when they have a Xbox 360, not alot of tools in general exist for/work with Mac in general. Most people that have a hacked Xbox 360 also have a windows PC... Also, you can use Windows on a MAC using bootcamp and/or VMWare, Virtualbox etc.
  15. Swizzy

    Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    It will be released when it's ready to be released, just like always, asking for a release date won't make it any faster...