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  1. Hello Felida, OK, I understand. Thanks for your answer! 😊
  2. Hello gamer! I use my Xbox360 with Aurora in an Astro City Cabinet (a great thanx to all you guy for this joy to play πŸ‘) The main screen will show games, with a zoom on the first one (see picture). And stay like that until I choose a game. Logical. 😊 So I ask myself if a screen saver exist? Will start about 1 or 2 minutes and offer videos or screens? In advance, thank you for your answer. 😊
  3. Hello ! I've tried it and it's working perfectly ! Thank you felida !!! πŸ‘ For the users, I'll edit my first post to put some photos of the skin working and your file. Thank you !!!
  4. Ho yes ! Thank you Felida ! This is my .xzp, and the information to write (it's easier to use copy / paste ): ---------------- Skin Name: AstrOS Author: Evil Moukin Creation Date: your date of helping Skin Revision: 2 Aurora Version: 0.7b Description: Astro Cityboot screen - Based on tne SteamOS skin by mrknorton. - Increased by Master Felida. ---------------- Thank you !! AstrOS_02.xzp
  5. Well, I worked by following the tutorial of Felida, and my loading screen is centered at the right size. So I build a version before modifying the skinmeta, and it works perfectly. I edited this same version by modifying the skin.meta, and it does not work. (does not even appear in Aurora's theme change list) So, I use my version without change of meta, but with my loading screen But I do not know why the edit step of meta does not work. Too bad, I would have shared my humble version of skin for the owners of Astro & xbox360 In any case, a big thank you to Felida for his help and his tutorial!
  6. ... well, I still have work ... My image is shifted to the right and down. It leaves a clearer part on the top and on the left. (Sorry for the poor quality of my photo) I'm going to study Felida's tutorial again.
  7. Hello Felida ! I had been careful to take the version of SteamOS (0.7b, found here : https://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/4701-skin-aurora-steamos/), and by the way my first attempt with the wrong resolution worked. :) I'll try my new trial, with only the loading screen at good relolution, soon. I've watched your video, I use it to have a good result. Thank you for your info ! :)
  8. EDIT : Skin download at the first post + visuals. Hello ! I'm back for the final version of my skin and some screens of it ! So, It's a Auroa 0.7b.1 skin for a Xbox 360 in my Astro City Candy Cab. I've just change the boot screen of SteamOS skin (using Astro City logo), and the background main screen (using some video game logos) I want to credit mrknorton for the original SteamOS skin I've work from, and Felida who helped me change the meta screen. The visuals : Loading Screen. Screen used : Main Screen. Backgroud used : This skin for Aurora 0.7b.1 avaible at the bottom of this post. Enjoy ! ------------------- Below, the WIP ------------------- Hello ! Since I saw all the possibilities offered by Aurora and the tools put in available by the team, it made me want to contribute (modestly) to the group: I decided to make a small skin customization. To start with something simple, I decided to take my skin favorite (SteamOS, by mrknorton) and modify its loading image and its back main plan. My Xbox 360 being in an SEGA AstroCity cabinet, the theme was all found! So I started working on the background. I was looking for a neutral result, not too invsid, but we can guess the references to the video game: Then I worked on a loading image that could refer to the AstroCity. I made several proposals ... ... I even test an other font, but nothing really good ... ... I tested all that, and I realized that my loading image was not the right size (too small). So I redid the image that I liked most to the right size and edited a new skin meta ... and there, it does not work. Aurora does not want to load my skin. Well, as I changed 2 things at once, I will break down my progress by first testing with the loading image at the correct size, and once validated as working, I will do it again skinmeta. I'll let you know what happens next ! AstrOS_02.xzp
  9. Ok, thanks for this clarification! ☺️ My remarks do not want to question your concept and the necessary and existing difference between these 2 good applications, nor your wish to let this difference continue. It's just a matter of ergonomics, having used both concepts. A kind of return by comparison to try to have the best of both worlds ! ☺️ In any case thank you for taking the time to read my suggestions. πŸ˜‰
  10. Thank you Felida for this additional information. 😊
  11. First of all, a huge thank you and congratulations for the quantity and quality of work that has been done ! πŸ‘ And thanks to the developer for allowing users to review their experience of operating solutions. 😍 In advance, I apologize if the developers find it inconvenient to make comparisons with the FSD (which I understand 😊), but I think that the advances made by the FSD, even if their approach is not the same, can benefit Aurora. Hello ! Former FSD 3 user, I came to Aurora because I found it faster, stable, light, smart and more contemporary in design. Using Aurora for some time, I realized that some navigation solutions in the FSD menu were finally really good, and that taking them back on Aurora could make the experience even more enjoyable. I want to talk about 2 things about the main menu. The first concerns the selection of a game to play : Currently, on Aurora, the selection is done directly by pressing A, the information is read by pressing Y. The FSD method was broken down and save the function of the Y button. Can not we select a game by pressing A, see its characteristics, and press A again to launch it ? This will avoid, in my opinion, launching a game by mistake (and it is a long time to return to the menu in this case), and press A and then quickly again on A to launch it directly is not longer than the current version in pressing single. The second concerns navigation from one library to another : Currently, on Aurora, you have to do RB or LB, then select the choice with A. The FSD method is to switch from one to the other of a single input. Could not you go from one library to another with RB or LR, without confirming with A ? This would allow me to make navigation smoother and faster. Here is my first and very good impression as user of Aurora, and 2 modification that I would like to have. Please, tell me if you find my remarks without interest or if you will include them in an upcoming update ! 😎 Thank you !
  12. Thank you for your answers ! Okay, so, for example, the way to have this 2 Marvel fighting game beside, is to filter by "fighting games" . I'll try it. Thanks a lot ! And I take this opportunity to thank all the work of the team and the community to make our wishes possible ! Thank you too !!
  13. Yes ! As it tell in an other topic (than I haven't found ... sorry), I turn livestrong in disable. It works. Thank you Swizzy !
  14. Hello ! In Aurora, I would move a game from XBLA library to Xbox360 library. For example, I would move Marvel vs Capcom 2 (XBLA game) in order to find it beside Marvel vs Capcom 3 in the Xbox360 librairy. (As FSD can do by pressing Y, and choosing "move game".) Is it possible in Aurora ? In advance, thank you !
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