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  1. A Little over a week ago i released Aurora Asset Editor v1.0, now i'm back with a new version for you, the new version features FTP support aswell as the ability to load/convert FSD's .assets to Aurora, i also added support for grabbing assets from xbox.com and xboxunity.net same as Aurora does (when it comes to images atleast) If you need information on how this application works, check the original release thread: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/5282-aurora-asset-editor-a-graphical-editor-for-auroras-asset-files/ for more information Here's a changelog of what has changed since v1.0: Here are some screenshots of the new features in action: AuroraAssetEditor_v1.1.rar
  2. I've made 2 tools for you guys to use when making skins for 0.4b+ In order for skins to show in Aurora they need to have 2 files: a preview image named preview.dds, this needs to be a 256x144 Headered DXT5 image, for that i present to you: DDSConverter.rar a data/meta file named skin.meta containing details about your skin; who made it? what's it's name? what version is it for? etc. etc. for that i present to you: SkinMetaGenerator.rar Any questions? feel free to ask me! any bugs? report them to me so i can fix them! Now, you're probably wondering, how do i use these tools? let's start with the DDSConverter: it's as simple as a drag 'n' drop, you drag 'n' drop any support image (bmp, png, jpg, gif, tiff) optionally you can specify the output filename as the second argument, normally it just takes the name of the input and replace the extension to dds The second tool is slightly more complicated, it's a GUI tool which you run that generates the skin.meta file you need to have included, most fields are quite self explanatory, like author... that's your name, skin name... obviously it's the name shown in aurora to determine what skin it is and so on... however, "updateID" isn't relevant for the time being, it's not used for anything right now but it will be later on... Here's a screenshot of the Generator:
  3. If you've got a title that you can't add yourself using the "Add Title" feature (which searches The American, Canadian and Brittish versions of Xbox.com) you can make a request in this thread for it to be added, the same goes for homebrew applications like emulators etc. The information we want from you before we'll add it for you is this: Type of title: Xbox 360, XBLA or Homebrew (which ever fits your case) Name: What's the name of the title you want added? TitleID: What's the title id of the title? (if it's homebrew this can be all 0's) If it's a homebrew title you want added we also want this: Keywords: Give us some keywords to make it easier to find this entry, seperate them with a comma (,) An example request could look like this: If you can't find your game, first try using the attached tool, search for your TitleID in the left box, it'll automatically download the information it finds on it, then look for "ReducedTitle" like this: If you can find your game using the EN-US, EN-CA or EN-GB locales you should also find it in the unity search, just copy 'n' paste the ReducedTitle text when you search x360TID.exe
  4. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    It will be released when it's ready to be released, just like always, asking for a release date won't make it any faster...
  5. Site Maintenance

    That makes no sense, the Certificate is for the "www.realmodscene.com" domain... perhaps you tried it with just "realmodscene.com"? not sure if that's covered by the setup... should be tho...
  6. arabic files plz

    We do not offer copyright protected material in this website, asking for them may even lead to you being banned
  7. Where are the settings/everything stored?

    Aurora Settings are profile ID based Game Covers are stored based on the HDD ID, it can be updated in the db if you know it... it's not an easy task to do tho, however, you can easily use my Asset Editor to extract the covers you wish to use followed by importing them back in...
  8. (unofficial) xeBuildGUI V3.0

    You missed the word "patch" didn't you? regardless, it does NOT build a ECC image from scratch like the python script which xeBuild GUI executes
  9. Repo Sorts Are Not Visible After Install

    Can you check if the Repos.ini looks the same as this one?: https://github.com/XboxUnity/AuroraScripts/blob/master/AuroraRepo/Repos.ini
  10. (unofficial) xeBuildGUI V3.0

    That's because JRunner patch a pre-defined ECC rather then building one from scratch
  11. I need a kV

    No, you need to buy a new console if you got banned using your KV and this time don't use it online... If you f*ed up and erased the NAND of your console, there are donor NAND's available on the web, i wrote a Donor Edition of xeBuild GUI that you may be able to find somewhere aswell that is purely to fix issues where the original nand has been completely lost... (it can also work with partial corruption) it's recommended that you stay away from donor data tho as each nand contains data that is unique for your console such as calibration data for your particular console...
  12. found metal pin in my xbox 360 hdd casing

    There is no such thing as a Retail Microsoft shop that installs RGH 2.0 in consoles... was the HDD a Slim or Phat? slim - it could be part of the mechanism that holds the HDD in place while in the console, you pull the fabric thingy and it may have been a part of that... You should NOT leave that in the hdd as it may cause a short if it ends up somewhere on the PCB
  13. RHG 2 ok but with NO Xell anywhere

    It was due to the settings sent to xeBuild most likely, 1BL key would make things not work at all if it was incorrect... There are other options for launching XeLL other then eject, such as GUIDE on a wired controller... (in the back port)
  14. Sounds like a problem with your dashlaunch plugins or the kernel patches
  15. RGH cant find my tools on pc

    We do not offer support for cheaters that wish to be on Xbox LIVE, go somewhere else...
  16. Game: Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition TitleID: 584111F7 MediaID: 7CD33B56 BaseVersion: 00000001 Version: TU35 (TU # 41) ** Edit: ** Hashes for anyone wanting to verify it: CRC-32: 73b900e1 MD4: 209e1bdab6bff23bd3b7429ca30fa551 MD5: 64e9c50e3de7e1992770617c5e5f49c3 SHA-1: 12e4f2020bc0bb792d5654589b9587e5cbd97a72 584111F7.rar
  17. (unofficial) xeBuildGUI V3.0

    Note: This is NOT an official update from me, it's BenMitnicK's work...
  18. 4gb corona v2 qsb question

    You must also have the console connected to the PSU (power supply), you should however NOT have the console on, just powered...
  19. create stock nand?

    LDV is per-console, it's in the fuses and can be found using XeLL... it's dependent on the number of updates you've done on the console, not the actual version you're on...
  20. Xell problem corona

    You need to create a ECC image which supports Winbond RAM
  21. Simple 360 NAND Flasher 1.4b

    I've decided to release this update now, it's been ready for quite some time, i just didn't feel like uploading it anywhere until now... so... here it is below you'll find the readme/changelog the update is attatched to the thread... As with most of my other tools, it is open source, this hasn't changed since v1.2... the code is however not included with the download, instead you can find it here: https://github.com/Swizzy/XDK_Projects/tree/master/Simple%20360%20NAND%20Flasher Simple 360 NAND Flasher v1.4b BETA.rar Simple 360 NAND Flasher v1.4b_Italian BETA.rar Simple 360 NAND Flasher v1.4b_Portuguese BETA.rar Simple 360 NAND Flasher v1.4b_Russian BETA.rar Simple 360 NAND Flasher v1.4b_German BETA.rar
  22. create stock nand?

    you merely need to take your retail image, change ldv to +1 from current and select to build retail... You do also need to specify what tool you're using for the build process...
  23. LIVE

    Short answer: You don't Long answer: We don't support it here, and you need to learn NOT to use all caps, and how to be patient
  24. You would put a wire between FT3T10 and the pad underneath the x-clamp, i do recommend that you leave it to someone that has a bit more experience with soldering tho, and to clean up the pads around R4P4/R4P5, it looks like the resistor might be shorted in that one... same with the cap near it, and the pads that are actually for R4P4 are almost connected, they're not supposed to be...
  25. Few things about the new Site.

    That's of course not counting the amount of people downloading covers, TU's and looking at the unity site...