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  1. A Little over a week ago i released Aurora Asset Editor v1.0, now i'm back with a new version for you, the new version features FTP support aswell as the ability to load/convert FSD's .assets to Aurora, i also added support for grabbing assets from xbox.com and xboxunity.net same as Aurora does (when it comes to images atleast) If you need information on how this application works, check the original release thread: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/5282-aurora-asset-editor-a-graphical-editor-for-auroras-asset-files/ for more information Here's a changelog of what has changed since v1.0: Here are some screenshots of the new features in action: AuroraAssetEditor_v1.1.rar
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    Aurora Asset Editor v1.1 Released

    Would you mind making a pull request towards https://github.com/XboxUnity/AuroraAssetEditor with the fixes?
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    Some useful suggestions

    No, i cannot. I'm not a graphics developer, and i do not wish to work with Retroarch ever again.
  4. Something changed with the xbox.com website, it's no longer accepting the same parameters as it used to, it now returns a 500 internal error meaning the server software was unable to handle the request (it basically crashed) probably due to a missing required parameter that was added or that the format of all the parameters changed
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    aurora asset editor don"t work

    Perhaps the xbox.com API changed? that doesn't make the whole thing useless, the logs would also tell someone else (like me for instance) what the problem is, it could also be on your computer that the problem exists. You can still download the background etc. etc. manually and add them to the asset packs. ** EDIT: ** Someone else posted this aswell: and provided the log, it tells me that something changed on the xbox.com website.
  6. If you've got a title that you can't add yourself using the "Add Title" feature (which searches The American, Canadian and Brittish versions of Xbox.com) you can make a request in this thread for it to be added, the same goes for homebrew applications like emulators etc. The information we want from you before we'll add it for you is this: Type of title: Xbox 360, XBLA or Homebrew (which ever fits your case) Name: What's the name of the title you want added? TitleID: What's the title id of the title? (if it's homebrew this can be all 0's) If it's a homebrew title you want added we also want this: Keywords: Give us some keywords to make it easier to find this entry, seperate them with a comma (,) An example request could look like this: If you can't find your game, first try using the attached tool, search for your TitleID in the left box, it'll automatically download the information it finds on it, then look for "ReducedTitle" like this: If you can find your game using the EN-US, EN-CA or EN-GB locales you should also find it in the unity search, just copy 'n' paste the ReducedTitle text when you search x360TID.exe
  7. So, some of you probably read about this recently, i've been working together with MaesterRowen to build this, basically what it does is let you replace covers, backgrounds, icons, banners and/or screenshots in Aurora's .asset files, you can also save images from asset files. Attached you'll find version 1.0 along with a 010 Editor Binary Template (the later is meant for those trying to understand the format in order to create/update further applications) The way the asset files are stored is somewhat simple; Aurora/Data/GameData/TitleID_DatabaseID/ From there, you'll find files named: GCTitleID <--- Contains the Cover GLTitleID <--- Contains the Icon & Banner BKTitleID <--- Contains the Background SSTitleID <--- Contains screenshots The full source code is available here: https://github.com/Swizzy/AuroraAssetEditor Please report any bugs you find here Special thanks goes to: MaesterRowen for helping with building the D3DTexture conversion, without that this wouldn't have been ready for a very long time! gavin_darkglider and felida for helping me test that things work as expected Mattie for the placeholders Some tips/tricks: You can drag 'n' drop any .asset file onto the application (while it's running, or on the exe itself) and it'll automatically load them for you and switch tab to the one related to the last one processed You can drag 'n' drop any image to the application while it's running and it'll automatically set the cover, background, image etc. depending on the tab you are currently viewing Right click on any image and you'll get a context menu with various options, the same options are available in the edit menu Here are some screenshots of it in action: Here's a quick Video Tutorial on how to use this: Many thanks to MaxMod for this video! 010EditorAuroraAssetBinaryTemplate.rar AuroraAssetEditor.rar
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    Some useful suggestions

    The issue is most likely with the cabinet or whatever you have to connect the SSD to your console Cheap cabinets take shortcuts and don't have a real serial sent to the console. Aurora tracks devices by their serial, if it doesn't get the same serial twice from the HDD/SSD it'll fail to detect it as the same device The issue is unlikely to be related to "Game" or "Games", it's likely to be related to the cabinet/enclosure used, get another one and it'll probably work... but it could also be the use of a SSD vs. a HDD, a SSD run WAY faster than a HDD does, and the Xbox 360 doesn't really work that well with SSD's
  9. Gligli is the guy behind RGH, i don't believe he originally hacked the xbox 360 (JTAG and kingkong shader hack etc.)
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    Swedish Translations

    This thread is for changes done to the swedish translation, post your changes here, if enough ppl want the change, we'll add it Attatched you'll find the current english and swedish translation documents SV-SE.xml EN-US.xml
  11. So, i decided last night to make a new tool for Aurora, this is a tool made to make it easier for you guys to translate Aurora, it works in a similar way as the tool i wrote for Dashlaunch translations ages ago, the difference is that it now is designed specifically for aurora and have more features such as filtering, any numeric values (numbers) can be filtered out as they're not supposed to be translated anyways, and if you load a newer original file then you're currently working on it excludes strings that aren't used anymore On top of all of these features it also can compile the skin so you can test it, that is all done thanks to SpkLeader and his previously released tool (Aurora Translation Helper) similar to that package you will have to include the XDK tools yourself, the difference is that you don't need to copy the files on your own, it should be able to find the files if you simply install the XDK Here's what the tool looks like: As of update 5 the interface now looks like this: Section filter active: And here's the readme: Aurora Translation Tool ----------------------- ================= = What is this? = ================= - This is a tool that will make it easier for you to translate the Aurora dashboard for Xbox 360 - It makes it easier for you to translate Aurora by giving you a nice/easy to use interface which shows you only the parts you need to translate - It also allows you to compile the translation so that you can test it with Aurora to see that everything looks alright and that your translation is accurate =================================== = What's needed to use this tool? = =================================== - You'll need Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or later installed on your computer (most computers have this already) - If you want to compile the skin/translation you'll need to have the XDK installed or you need these 3 files in the bin folder (taken from the XDK): * xuipkg.exe * resxloc.exe * resx2bin.exe - In order to compile the skin/translation you also need the current skin for Aurora, when you press compile it'll ask you for it, if you press cancel it'll use "Skins\Default.xzp" - You'll also of course need the translation files (en-US.xml from the aurora translation helper or whatever updated release Phoenix has made since) =========== = Credits = =========== - Swizzy - i'm the guy that made this for ya - Phoenix - These are the guys that made the Aurora Dashboard, without them this tool would never have existed - SpkLeader - Thanks for making "Aurora Translation Helper" which basically is the whole Compilitation part - Anyone else i failed to mention above for some reason, thanks! ============= = Changelog = ============= v1.0.6 (Update 5) - Added: You can now save the path for the translation, this means that when you press the button to save the translation it'll automatically overwrite the file and not ask you where to save it... - Added: With the above i also added so that when you compile it'll automatically use this file by default (if it exists and you've ticked the same box) - Added: Section Filters, you can now filter out certain sections of the translations, by default it'll filter on "All", meaning all will be displayed... these filters are dynamically generated based on the names... v1.0.5 (Update 4) - Fixed encoding issue, i always thought it would be required to use Unicode, but UTF-8 works just as fine also... w00t? anyways, output is now saved in utf-8 directly... not unicode! v1.0.4 (Update 3) - Fixed: NewLine (\n) are now properly dealt with in all cases - Added: When you are about to close it'll now check if there's some unsaved changes, if that's the case, it'll ask you if you are sure you want to exit without saving them... v1.0.3 (Update 2) - Added: Stats, you can now see how many lines you have loaded, translated and so on - Fixed: Loading will no longer increase the entries (it now checks if it already exists at all times) - Fixed: The save button is now enabled when you load entries that already contain something... - Fixed: When doubleclicking the listview it'll no longer ask if you want to keep old data before loading new one when you accidently filled the translation line with something... - Fixed: The save button is no longer enabled if you type in something in the translation box and there's no translation object loaded... v1.0.2 (Update 1) - Added: Hotkey/Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + A -> This will let you translate ALL entries with the same original text with whatever you currently have in the translation box - Added: Context Menu (Right click menu) for the Listview, it allows you to set an item as Finished and reset it - Fixed: Loading a translation object no longer causes the save translation button to be disabled - Fixed: When you save an item it'll now be set as finished no matter what it contains... - Fixed: When you save a translation the button will be disabled, there's no changes to save again right now anyways! v1.0.1 (Hotfix #1) - Fixed crash while saving due to some strings not beeing translated before saving, my bad! v1.0 - Initial release AuroraTranslationTool_Update_4.rar AuroraTranslationTool_Update_5.rar
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    Aurora Translation Tool

    Did you use the compiler linked above? if not - it's not the correct file format
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    F3 ContentItems Editor

    Most likely it's a false positive, the "name" suggests it's merely executing a Javascript, not entirely sure why you would need such in this, but... could be that it's using a webbased interface under the hood... which could be the reason your antivirus is blocking it...
  14. I'm assuming you don't know how to do SQL updates? It's fairly easy, i might write some code for my app to do that, just not sure how long it'll take before it's remotely ready for public usage
  15. co-op is defined as playing together to reach a goal, that is what the script checks for, based on what is specified in the xbox store (or actually the Aurora DB which is populated from the Xbox store) What you are looking for might be Offline Multiplayer rather than Co-Op For that you could use the following script: GameListFilterCategories.User["Only Local Multiplayer Games"] = function(Content) minco = bit32.rshift(bit32.band(Content.CapabilitiesOffline.LowPart, 0x00FF0000), 16) maxco = bit32.rshift(bit32.band(Content.CapabilitiesOffline.LowPart, 0xFF000000), 24) minp = bit32.band(Content.CapabilitiesOffline.LowPart, 0x000000FF) maxp = bit32.rshift(bit32.band(Content.CapabilitiesOffline.LowPart, 0x0000FF00), 8) return (((minco > 1 or minco == 1) and (maxco > 2 or maxco == 2)) or ((minp > 1 or minp == 1) and (maxp > 2 or maxp == 2))) end
  16. That information isn't part of the Assets, it's part of the Database, i started working on a tool to do that type of stuff, but didn't complete it... The code for the tool is available on github here: https://github.com/Swizzy/AuroraDbManager it's incomplete and i'm not currently working on it (not enough time anymore)
  17. https://github.com/Swizzy/AuroraScripts/blob/master/Media/Scripts/UserFilters/OnlyLocalCoop.lua There is already such a filter available...
  18. Swizzy

    Simple 360 NAND Flasher 1.4b

    I've decided to release this update now, it's been ready for quite some time, i just didn't feel like uploading it anywhere until now... so... here it is below you'll find the readme/changelog the update is attatched to the thread... As with most of my other tools, it is open source, this hasn't changed since v1.2... the code is however not included with the download, instead you can find it here: https://github.com/Swizzy/XDK_Projects/tree/master/Simple%20360%20NAND%20Flasher Simple 360 NAND Flasher v1.4b BETA.rar Simple 360 NAND Flasher v1.4b_Italian BETA.rar Simple 360 NAND Flasher v1.4b_Portuguese BETA.rar Simple 360 NAND Flasher v1.4b_Russian BETA.rar Simple 360 NAND Flasher v1.4b_German BETA.rar
  19. Sorry, but this tool was made specifically for Aurora, FSD's asset files aren't the same format as the Aurora assets files. I have no plans of making this compatible with FSD as that is old and no longer updated, Aurora is in a way the replacement for FSD made by largely the same people that made FSD https://github.com/Swizzy/AuroraAssetEditor/blob/master/010 Editor Binary Template/FSDAssetTemplate.bt this is the FSD format https://github.com/Swizzy/AuroraAssetEditor/blob/master/010 Editor Binary Template/AuroraAssetTemplate.bt this is the Aurora format If you look at them, you'll notice they're very different
  20. Swizzy

    a system update is required to use kinect

    You need to install the avatar update while your kinect is connected
  21. Swizzy

    Aurora Translation Tool

    Use the Language Pack compiler:
  22. Swizzy

    Libxenon toolchain install?

    There are plenty of ways of getting past that, here's a link that might help you: http://www.debianadmin.com/how-to-reset-debian-root-password.html
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    Felida's RetroArch

    They likely won't release a new Xbox 360 version, doesn't mean they've stopped updating it... RetroArch is a multi-platform project, it is not Xbox 360 specific
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    Possible to create new retail Blade Dash nand?

    You'll need to extract the contents of the update, or find a dump with that version and extract the contents from there... The ini files are really just telling xeBuild what files go into the flash and what bootloaders to use, the values are a CRC32 of the contents of the file iirc
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    File manager requests

    Doing it on PC with USB 3.0 is probably faster then doing it on the console as the console is limited to USB 2.0 speeds, also the console only supports FAT32 as USB well, it could be done so the copy process is done in the background while you are moving on to the next game...