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    External hdd's problems

    I suggest that you try to format the external drive on Microsoft's dashboard (it formats external drives to FAT32). That way you can be sure it is in the preferred format for Xbox. Once I couldn't get my Xbox to recognize a FAT32 drive, but it started working after I reformatted it in MS dashboard.
  2. baabox

    Any way to play Bioshock 2 system link offline?

    Thank you for the information. I thought it did, because it is listed on the Xbox 360 system link games wikipedia page. Also the game's Xbox.com page tells that is has system link support. However, it is not the first time these sources are incorrect.
  3. Apparently Bishock 2 multiplayer has system link support, but it requires a connection to Xbox Live for it to work. I tried the game with fakelive enabled. I can get through the first Xbox Live connection check so I can select a character, but then it kicks me back into the main menu for losing the connection to live. Is there anything else I could try?
  4. I had a problem with not being able to run NTSC Halo CE (neutral host edition) on my PAL 360 even with the hacked emulator. If I remember correctly it complained that the screen didn't support 50 Hz even though the game was NTSC. I got it working by changing the region in J-Runner and creating a new flash. Changing region in dashlaunch didn't work for me.
  5. baabox

    Slim only boots to Xell

    Damn, you're right. How did I miss that. I tried the nolan patch and the console boots like it should. Thank you!
  6. baabox

    Slim only boots to Xell

    Sorry for the delay. I flashed the original nand and got the secondary error code 1030. At least on fat consoles that code means that something is wrong with the ethernet chip. I will try to change the chip if I come across a dead slim motherboard. I found the same 8041NL ethernet ICs sold on aliexpress and ebay for 10 bucks, but I'm not ready to spend that if I don't know if it fixes the problem. A nice solution would be a Xebuild patch that removed the ethernet checks. I could live without ethernet support. However, I don't think that exists and I don't have the skills to create a patch myself.
  7. baabox

    Slim only boots to Xell

    I will check the secondary code again tomorrow. Xbox power supplies seem to be rated for the worst case scenario, like running a game from DVD with kinect plugged in and with multiple usb devices connected simultaneously. In Anantech's test Trinity consumed 90W at most: https://www.anandtech.com/show/3774/welcome-to-valhalla-inside-the-new-250gb-xbox-360-slim/3
  8. baabox

    Slim only boots to Xell

    The light blinks green for a few seconds before red lighting, so I think the power supply works correctly. Also, it works on another console so it is likely not the issue. Also, as far as I know, Trinity and Corona power supplies are interchangeable. I think Microsoft would have modified the power connector like in the older models if the power supplies were not interchangeable. At least I have never had any issues using a 9.6A power supply on a Trinity.
  9. baabox

    Slim only boots to Xell

    I didn't realize that. The console gives a red dot.
  10. baabox

    Slim only boots to Xell

    I have a problematic Trinity and I hope you could help with it. As a stock, the console boots directly to a red light after about 3 seconds. The motherboard doesn't give any secondary error codes. The previous owner of the console had opened the console but there were no signs of soldering or anything like that. I did an RGH installation to see if it would fix the red light. RGH seemed to fix the issue as it boots to Xell without issues. However, I can't get it to boot to Freeboot. Here is what I've tried: Create Freeboot with default options Create Freeboot with glitch2m option Create Freeboot from a donor nand (create nand with only cpu-key feature in J-runner) Nothing has made a difference so far. The console either goes directly to red light or the chip resets the console a few times and then red lights. Do you have any ideas what could be the issue? I can provide the nanddump, cpu-key and a picture of the Xell fuses if anybody wants.
  11. baabox

    play in lan

    I host LAN parties and some games require that the plugin is disabled (on Aurora). Otherwise the game won't find other consoles.
  12. baabox

    play in lan

    If the games have the same updates try disabling the FSD/LINK plugin.