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  1. That's great! BTW for a upgrade add also music, something like - https://youtu.be/2IodIb42sWc
  2. Yes, Co-op vs Offline multiplayer, i see the difference now ... Local multiplayer filter also works and displays also the Worms series. Thanks again all for dealing with this!
  3. Yes, this worked, but its not 100% accurate as some of, even Worms games, are not picked up. Any way of getting game visible under this filter by tampering its data?
  4. Thanks! And it means i only copy OnlyLocalCoop.lua to Media/Scripts/UserFilters/ folder, yes, and Aurora picks it up from there automatically?
  5. Thanks! Yeah, I’m not able to figure this out without the help. I would need something like this but I have no idea what the Content variable should be ... lets see if @saywaking picks this thread up and is able to help. function GameListFilterShowOnlyLocalCoop(Content) -- Return if this game has local co-op feature return Content.LocalCoop >= 1 end Still there might be also possibility that local co-op feature is not filterable overall if this info is not available or scraped from game info.
  6. Creating filter via GUI is easy yes, but im not able to find the multiplayer criteria to apply for filter.
  7. So, is there a possibility to create Aurora filter based on whenever the game has local co-op feature or no? Does the scraper get this info separately or its only mentioned in games description? Thanx!
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