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  1. Is deleting the .ini file not dangerous?
  2. Nope, the update dialog still appears, even a new installation did not work
  3. I was doing it wrong, now i updated mi xbox, thank you.
  4. hey, i did it and it worked, thank you so much!
  5. I actually don't know how to do a fresh install. i'm new on this.
  6. When i try to update my xbox (RGH) with xeBuild_GUI_2.098 (17559) it says that i am trying to update with no spare data on a machine that requieres it. I tried to update anyways because i didn't have any options and it didn't update. Can someone help me? Si me pueden responder en espaƱol estaria genial, gracias
  7. I already tried a new update and it also says that it is a plugin update. It's not that important, but the update message is annoying.
  8. when I try to update my auroro, auroro starts downloading and installing the update, but when it is assumed that it is already updated auroro says again that I need to update (I already did it like 5 times) plz help
  9. (UPDATE) Yeah so i bought a new HDD and... it didn't work so i think i have to leave my console to a professional :/
  10. I cannot flash the nand (again i guess) 'cause my xbox don't boot completely, it doesn't give image or sound. I think to flash the nand you need a USB, right? i can't flash the nand without image or sound because i will not see the usb, how do i flash the nand if my xbox don't turn on completely? help I forgot to mention, my friend had the same problem, he told that the RGH chip was the problem because the cable needed a weld, is that right?
  11. I turn on mi xbox 360 without the hdd and it didn't work. I'm gonna buy a new hdd (1TB) and if it doesn't work then the problem is the RGH chip, idk Thanks for reply me
  12. a few day ago i turn on my xbox and aurora told me that is an update so when i went to the update button (it was a plugin update or something) the update stop in 85% and i took my controler to cancel the update but the controled didn't work so i turn off mi xbox but when i turn on again the xbox button light turned on and also turned on the fan, but did not recognize the controls or the hdmi (so there was no image or sound). i don't know what to do, the RGH chip work so somebody know what to do? how do i fix it?
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