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  1. Friends thank you for helping me, but my problem did not fix. I have my own game folder named: GAME GAMES game 360game 360games games I've changed but I do not have access to an Auror. In FreeStyle, this is not a problem for me There is only problem in Aurora
  2. Video of my problem: help me WIN_13970603_23_57_20_Pro.mp4 Don`t post your questions/problems multiple times in the forum ! Dr.Gonzo.
  3. The cover of the games changes to black color and the founder of the founder can not be seen After the restoration of the Aurora, it appears
  4. There is nothing wrong with using the USB flash drive
  5. My language is Persian related to Iran I did it but did not make it I use an external hard drive
  6. I do not know English and I use Google Translator Simply explain what to do to fix the problem ?? Should I change the game to GAMES
  7. Can you solve this problem ??? Troubleshoot "Not Found":The "Not Found" problem for external and SSD drives is detected after registration of game paths in Aurora games, but after restarting the Aurora, players are struggling with "not found" wrinkles that blacken the cover of the games.
  8. Anyway, I suggested to make Aurora better if the builders can do it Add to Aurora
  9. I do not understand Is it difficult to build a web browser? There's no need for XBOX LIVE to become the ben console
  10. danial1380


    360mpGui v1.5.0.0 ISO extraction Unlock DLC Burn the game on DVD9 edit profile Change the game background Has FTP Identify and Download Latest Titles And ... Download now danial.rar
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