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  1. cjd166

    LiNK question

    thank you very much.
  2. I was wondering if it is possible to connect more than one console at a time via single external IP (home LAN) to LiNK services; if so what is the proper method? I have had no success connecting multiple consoles to link playing the same game. is it possible? This may be asked elsewhere but i have failed to find it..
  3. No longer unavailable; please remove post. thanks /* Phat RGHv1.2 consoles for sale, no power brick or controllers. I have 5 total a few falcons and some BB jaspers; all run cool boot within 10 seconds every time and are fully functional. most are on dash 17150 with xell-reloaded 993 dashlaunch patches included. I can update them if you want just ask. I will send a usb drive with the latest aroura, xexmenu, emus, a launch.ini, nand.bin, and cpu/dvd keys. All have working disk drives but they are original drives with stock fw. I will ship anywhere in USA for $15, sorry no international. same day ship; PayPal only thank you. */
  4. Is anyone here a member of teamx360.co.uk? are they gone??? thanks, cj
  5. Yes they are there.... Found them thanks for the help
  6. Are there any current links to the fs libs?? I get 404 on github cjd
  7. compiled with no problems after installing an older version of gcc.. Thanks for the easy fix.... cjd
  8. Thank you so much. I will try with 4.7 but will most likely make use the VM image.... Thank you swizzy Cjd Great that it's ova as well!!!!
  9. Hello, I am trying to install the libxenon toolchain following the guide on free60 resulting in error. The build fails making gcc first pass in GCC/doc I have tried this on Ubuntu and debian... I have downgraded to texinfo 4.8 on debian hoping it would help but still fails with error while making GCC... I can upload log shortly but the error can be easily replicated by installing debian or Ubuntu and simply following the guide on free60.. Thanks Cjd
  10. My mikrotik HapLite works with link and they are only 20$.... may be worth trying out...
  11. With the tools, support and tutorials provided by Swizzy this process should be nearly fool-proof. verify that dashlaunch patches are updated to 3.14 and the default path is set to Dash.xex on the flash, or none. prepare your usb flash drive for an avatar update that matches your dash version with the latest XeBuildGUI by swizzy. insert usb stick to your console. power the console it should boot to NXE dash, if you are not immediately prompted to update, try launching XEXmenu from the NXE dash in the games (If XEXmenu is not on your HDD use google and USB XTAF or similar program to get it there). You will find that XEXmenu will not load, but you will be prompted to update. Thanks to Swizzy. Me and thousands of other poeple have been able to complete this process with no problems at all.
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