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  1. He think If Anyone Install the avatar update the dash launch Is update :v.lol
  2. Hi plss ihave problem with data port reachable and boardcast port reachable I port forwarding it to 3071 /3072 tcp/udp and my ip .but now when I verfiy link the data port reachable and boardcast data reachable faill. my router is D link 27500U and when iwant to join room my xbox rebooting pls ineed help
  3. Go seeting-storage and select your storage and press this code RB, X, RB, X To Uninstall updates this all thing I know; test it
  4. Idont know why my xbox does not freeze or shuting down only prob ihave data port and board cast my router is D link ?
  5. Does aurora 6b fixed? Ihave now want play system link but the data port reachable and boardcast reach able fail and im port forwarding whats prob?
  6. Hi guys i plug stealth server tampredlive.xex to my plugin 2 and work fine and its need a lot $$$$ihear the yesyes.modz is a free and i plug it to my plugin 2 but now my xbox doesnt boot up on xbox logo iknow fix it by usb put a launch.ini but icant accses to my usb. is there a way to fix it with out usb.
  7. No bro imean Put A .xex to plugin U cant plug TU
  8. Now i use D link router i port forwarding it but for test i use that app.:D
  9. But in my xbox work Succesful..
  10. Bro android have a program name it port forwarding download it and go to program and click add select wlan or type your network and write your xbox ip and name and port 3071-3072 tcp/udp and press strat if U use aurora if U use f3 write 1000-1001 Ihave try it and work successful.'.
  11. Only U need install Tu 27 from aurora and plug it to plugin 5 or 4 no need unlock it by xm360
  12. Xboxunity.net site is worked idont have a tv to chek if system link work or no
  13. Bro sky acro 1.27 best and when you install from aurora you need enable it by prees A
  14. The easiest way to install mod menu is install xex menu and dash launch and sky acro for tu 27.U need only set skyacro.xex to plugin 4 or 5 and install tu form aurora.:D
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