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    do u mean gears of war 3? but why dns settings obviously changes the quality of the connection ? what is dns and what is the proper way to set it?
  2. Mohamed Nigm


    hi guys please advice i play BOPS 2 AND GEARS OF WAR 3 on my rgh using unity system link lately i experienced lags and connection interruptions in bops2 i couldn't join a party and if i joined it disconnects i tried to solve this by watching a youtube video that changes dns from automatic to manual (primary sec i changed this DNS settings then i normally joined parties without disconnections and i watched an obvious and dramatic changes in connection to games but still there is some lags and delays even in normal dashboard ... sorry for naive question but what is dns? and what is the better settings to play system without disconnections and lagging?
  3. Mohamed Nigm

    Black Ops 2

    hey guys i am facing a problem with Black Ops 2 system link i join the room normally then the party but when i start playing the connection is always interrupted i am able to play other system link games normally except this game . any suggestions ,solutions or are there any batches or files to download to solve this issue ? thanks
  4. can i only activate upnp without port forwarding ?? and how
  5. hi guys could you please tell me how to connect my jtag to mobile network through hotspot and then configure system link?
  6. The same with me and sometimes can't Download feed data .. Hope you solve this as soon as possible
  7. hi guys anybody knows how to unlock some unique characters in gears of war 3 like trashball drone and Alicia Valera for jtag without using xbox live???!!!! and how can i custom weapon skins ???
  8. i edited it ... thanks but do you know how to unlock impossible sets of characters and skins?
  9. hey guys i have rgh/jtag console i used to play gow3 system link i never use xbox live so is it safe to mod my profile using Player Data Editor or if you suggest any other method to unlock all medals , skins , ribbons etc. and play on system link safely with no banning or something like that because i am an unprofessional user and i used to be very cautious to deal with jtag thanks in advance
  10. hey guys please help i still suffering from poor system link connection although i have raised up my internet speed connection but still suffering extreme lagging when playing gears of war 3 multiplayer i tried re updating dash board and re installing dash launch and even i bought a new router strangely since a while my system link was perfect although i was on lower speed some one advised me to change the server because i am from Egypt and i need to get better ping sorry for my naive explanation !! but tell me if it is applicable or if you have any suggestion to improve the connection and if there is any edit for router settings
  11. Thanks guys but how can I delete system cashe ??? A link for procedure plz :-)
  12. i have played before with the same players and it was perfect but recently i suffered this issues so i want try some solutions like clearing system cache or other action if you have any other suggestions tell meand how can i clear system cache for jtag without loosing my jtag file?
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