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  1. dimonik

    Unity on discord

    Russian and Ukrainian community 2 years old Play many games, CoD play 1 time in 1 mounts 😃 https://discord.gg/VjZnR5A
  2. dimonik


    How it works on Aurora 0.7b?
  3. dimonik

    Disconnect in System Link Games

    I'm not complaining. I just want to figure it out! for example, today. the Colombians have ping ~ 30, Russians ~ 130. 34 Users on LiNK right now (in morning). under these conditions works well. today in evening we will try to play (my time is 9.30 AM now) will be like in the photo (ping to xboxunity.net) ping 130 - ok, timed out request - disconnect. 300+ Users on LiNK will be. but at same time ping to google.com is stable. testing with the same person who is near. we played DiRT 2 yesterday with russian, ukarainian, columbian and had not disconnects.. but on server played 300+ players.. We just were not lucky because we're far from the server that's in Canada? or on different days the server is loaded one time... or we have an internet channel loaded in the evening, but ping to google.com and speed is as good.. I want to learn to understand in advance whether it will be possible to play or will be disconnected, so as not to collect people and not have nerves instead of a good game.. often i host the game and every time i test speed and ping before start. if i have "timed out request" to xboxunity - i can`t create a good host, yes? I apologize for the flow of thoughts =)
  4. dimonik

    Disconnect in System Link Games

    thx for ansver. I do not complain, I want to understand the problem and help to solve it. For example, if the problem in the server output power would be a charitable contribution to rent more powerful.. ?
  5. dimonik

    Disconnect in System Link Games

    Are you guys alive? xboxunity.net work stable with ~250 players.. I've never seen 300+ at the same time and for a long time.. ~250.. 260.. 280.. 300.. 240.. ~250.. 280.. 290.. ~250.. Many players are disconect =( What can we do to help everyone on the server to play? Is it a matter of server power or software limitations?
  6. dimonik

    Disconnect in System Link Games

    Again? Yesterday we have disconnects(((
  7. dimonik

    NOVA - The Future of LiNK

    It's true. We have a small community (Ukraine and Russia), of 350 people, constantly play about 50 people. For a long time they do not linger. They leave. It is difficult to attract new ones, 90% do not cope with the settings. And to everyone to adjust from the very beginning not always suffices patience. If there are any ideas, I'm ready to help!
  8. dimonik

    SystemLink going crazy.

    Work better! Thank you!
  9. dimonik

    what is the problem?

    We hope that after the repair the link will work well and we forget about disconnects in the evening (GMT +2, +3) on weekdays!
  10. dimonik

    SystemLink going crazy.

    still does not work...
  11. dimonik

    SystemLink going crazy.

    LiNK still does not work in evening, we can not hope for a stable work.. ?
  12. dimonik

    SystemLink going crazy.

    There is a way out - XLink Kai..
  13. dimonik

    SystemLink going crazy.

    And now disconnects, disconnects.. Cant play(
  14. dimonik

    SystemLink going crazy.

    Yesterday we played good! Link worked well. CoD Black Ops 2 had about 200 people, but our community have been no disconnects! Ðou have something set up or cause unknown? The same location and game time..