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  1. can anyone tell me what's happened to xboxunity , when I visited the website from the browser it redirect me to realmodscene website !!!
  2. its not on there servers side , you should check your internet connection on xbox or re install aurora
  3. good luck brother , i am waiting to play your game
  4. PopeyedGull5

    Del this

    Use the latest update, all games should work now
  5. PopeyedGull5

    Del this

    Small patch for xefus3.xex https://mega.nz/#!Qkd3zQTT!XBCfyhcw_zWJ_ZHw7nQcyESh9oGkaeVKFdnF8LXfd6g
  6. i didn't ask for your opinion brother :) that first he said " there is stuff in it that isn't ours to release " and i want to know what kind of code he wont publish if he consider publishing the code on github or whatever , i want and the community want to support the project , probably you said donate to them but not all people are rich or have some extra money to give , so we want to support the project buy fix bugs and add extra stuff on it
  7. PopeyedGull5

    watch dogs

    can you please re_upload the xex file for watchdog game
  8. hi guys , does anyone have the save game for battlefield 4 , because every time i played this game and shutdown the console the save corrupt i don't know why and its happen just for bt4
  9. Mw2 zombies ?? What's that ? I am in
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