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  1. PopeyedGull5

    Del this

    Use the latest update, all games should work now
  2. PopeyedGull5

    Del this

    Small patch for xefus3.xex https://mega.nz/#!Qkd3zQTT!XBCfyhcw_zWJ_ZHw7nQcyESh9oGkaeVKFdnF8LXfd6g
  3. i didn't ask for your opinion brother :) that first he said " there is stuff in it that isn't ours to release " and i want to know what kind of code he wont publish if he consider publishing the code on github or whatever , i want and the community want to support the project , probably you said donate to them but not all people are rich or have some extra money to give , so we want to support the project buy fix bugs and add extra stuff on it
  4. PopeyedGull5

    watch dogs

    can you please re_upload the xex file for watchdog game
  5. hi guys , does anyone have the save game for battlefield 4 , because every time i played this game and shutdown the console the save corrupt i don't know why and its happen just for bt4
  6. Mw2 zombies ?? What's that ? I am in
  7. The only modder in the game is this asshole , he ruined call of duty ghosts for good , i hope admins or anyone else do something for this mess its really ruined all xbox unity games i have proof for this asshole who cheat all the time
  8. That's a movie you wrote lool , but all seriousness me and you we aren't that different trust me , but when you live in the country that i am living in you don't find shit in the trash you will find people eating shit from trash because the country is poor and the people is poorer so no one will throw stuff that they don't have in the first place I hope things will be going good for you and for myself , and thanks for little chat we had Peace brother
  9. What is your secret then , can you share it to us please to kick some a holes , because not everyone is rich to buy switch and play on it
  10. Hi , are you guys aware that Xbox unity ( sys link ) are broke asf !? , I can connect to link and when i do it disconnected me Everytime , also when i use xboxunity.net or realmodscene site
  11. I see a lot of modders in any game now on link , even on title update 0 , I don't know why this As$holes ruined the game , i used yo play ghosts , it was best multiplayer game on link same as black ops 2 , but now every game is f ..up because of the stupid children who doesn't even play the game properly , from aimbot to wallhack , to redbox , is there any fix or any rules that xboxunity creators do to delete accounts of this assholes , and thank you
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