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  1. Thanks. It works. I have found it.
  2. Do not you rember what is the name of FCE360 (nes emulator) on Aurora server? I try to get cover for this emulator....
  3. Unfortunately not working the per-title update neither. In every case I got the error and I have to reload Aurora I would be grateful if you could push the update for us people outside the US. Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks but US (or USA) not even mentioned in the topic. Neither in the below referred fix. In case the fix works only in the US not in europe or elsewhere it should have been mentioned in the description! I would to note that I am not a pro in RGH (or J-tag) but as far as I understood the issue is not connected to regions (NTSC or PAL etc.). For this reason the temporary fix should work in europe too. Or am I mistaken? https://github.com/StelioKontosXBL/AuroraCrashPatcher#readme
  5. Hi, I proceeded as per your instructions (pls see below) but the issue is still persist. Any advice? Can you make a steb-by-step tutorial? 1. copied AuroraCrashPatcher.xex to the internal HDD's plugin folder: \xbox360\System\Hdd1\Aurora\Plugins 2. editted launch.ini as per it (please find attached)
  6. As it turned out the problem was caused due to the internet connection. I am deleting the topic...
  7. Thanks man! Yes, as it turned out it is due to the internet connection.
  8. FSD server is also dead. Covers neither can not be downloaded. Anyone?
  9. Can anyone restart the aurora server pls? Covers cannot be downloaded since days.
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