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  1. I'm basically in the same situation as Zoleta, except for one thing: I played on Link for years before havinig this problem. Without changing anything in my configuration I can't find any game anymore for some reason. Port test always failed (tried with manual config, upnp and even dmz) but I was able to play anyway so no big deal, until 2 years ago. Now I can't find any game even where I know I have all the DLC and the same TU as others. Also I used to play without problem with a friend that lives only 5 miles from me and now it doesn't work anymore even between us so it can't be a ping/speed problem. All this to say: sometimes it's not your fault, you have only a shitty ISP 😪
  2. Since it's a minor release, do we need to rebuilt Aurora 0.7 skins for 0.7.1 or they're still compatible? edit: a friend confirmed to me that they are still compatible. No changes necessary.
  3. Like this? https://www.cna.co.za/media/wysiwyg/Xbox360_2014_horizontal_rgb.jpg
  4. SteamOS available for Aurora 0.7b. Probably you've downloaded a variant of SteamOS, this one has never had transparency effects.
  5. There's already a dark-green skin around but I can't remember the name. Search here on the forum
  6. mrknorton

    Skin ideas

    Somehow FSD was able to change the background image of the tiles
  7. mrknorton

    Skin ideas

    A skin with a color picker in the settings would be cool, so I can stop doing my Metro Colors variants
  8. Metro skins available for Aurora 0.7b.
  9. Solved, thanks for the quick support
  10. Thanks Phoenix for the release, I've just downloaded the 0.7 package and copied into my Xbox. 🙂 Now, 3 questions/reports: can I disable the "Net ISO" menu in the miniblade? It's like ConnectX I think and I don't use this feature the file browser in the miniblade say "Testing File Browser" in the upper left corner i tried to open the Aurora_Skin.xur file to make a skin but XUI Tool said "Failed to open document". XDK version is 21256. Other .xur files of 0.7 can be opened without any problem and the MD5 of the release package is correct. Any help?
  11. Apparently, Aurora 0.7 is out 😀 Updating the skin will take some days, please be patient.
  12. There's already a subtitle for that IIRC. Open the Game Detail screen by pressing Y, there should be one that says something like "Disk 1 of 2"
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