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Found 6 results

  1. Skin Aurora 0.7b Here I leave you the last Skin that i elaborate, style Xbox one X. Changes made: -Change of interface -Change of colors to the buttons -Change of icons -Now you can see the name of the profile with a DVD inserted -Change animation to notification -Sound in notification -Change of interface in details of the games -Change of quick view -Change of color to the effects. -Enimation of home style xbox one x (there are two, you can choose it in alternative start) -Default layout with some changes for the theme. -Change of theme background -Avatar in the beginning with Scena bigger for animations are not cut -Among others Link: https://mega.nz/#F!kCw0nTbR!ZAg2ZrYRFZv_FfgvSQirSg Dash EN-US.xzp Dash Spanish.xzp Theme of skin and layout "Dash" By: Srealmoreno Captures:
  2. Emoose, gligli, tuxuser and xvmm give us a new tool for Xbox One Dev gambling. This new small utility allows you to get some infos from your Xbox One console. As a special feature you can dump your nand. In the first place, its a tool for researches on Xbox One OS. Please read the following release post to get all important infos: Source: Github.com XRF-master.zip
  3. Tuxuser released a new version of his (PC) python based nand extractor. It scans the Filesystem header from your dumped Xbox One Nand Flash Image and extract the files on your PC. Following the release Log: Source: Github.com NANDOne-v003.zip
  4. I would like to know if they are working on some chip like the rgh for xbox one or something like that
  5. XBOX ONE S SKIN BY WBI POLAR MIXED WITH GOW 3 MAIN BACKGROUND SONG; XBOX ONE INTRO SOUND,GEARS OF WAR 2 MUSIC I LOVE THE NEW XBOX ONE S DESIGN..IT IS SO WHITE,I WAS DOING A GOW 3 SKIN AND I DECIDED TO MAKE A WEIRD MIX, I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS AWESOME PICTURE SLIDE SHOW I AM JUST AN SKIN EDITOR,I TOOK THINGS AND I MAKE IT BETTER I PUT A LOT OF TIME DOING THIS you can choose any languague on your xbox leave a comment or give me one like (it takes more time to load the skin don`t worry,it is ok, and there is a little delay when you press b or start) DOWNLOAD HERE XBOX ONE GOW skin by Polar.rar extract the file from .rar and put the .xzp archive here path: aurora/skins others skins that i've made for this commmunity http://www.realmodsc...for-aurora-05b/ http://www.realmodsc...nnormal-screen/ http://www.realmodsc...kin-aurora-05b/ http://www.realmodsc...05b/#entry50353 http://www.realmodsc...kin-aurora-05b/ http://www.realmodsc...kin-aurora-05b/ http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/6401-street-fighter-aurora-05b-amazing-skin/
  6. Leonetbh


    Este é o fakeanim que eu fiz, com nova logo do xbox one. ficou irado show de bola, vale a pena conferir. Como o arquivo é pequeno eu nao postei no youtube. baixe e confira. aqui eu ja coloco ele nos aparelhos que faço glitcher! xbox one.wmv
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