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  1. Game covers and app in dash standard ?

    I already looked for a tutorial and I did not find it, apparently it is not possible to do until the moment -( 16/09/2017 )-
  2. Hello friends - How to put covers from games that are in my standard games - There are friends who do not want to use the mod dash and prefer to use the default, is there any way to put the covers here as in the picture above? - If this possibility exists, could you tell me how this happens, thanks to all 20170914100412.bmp
  3. Xbox Invaders - Released!

    This brought me memories of childhood - Thank you
  4. - Hello friends - - I'm updating the post with new information - This App is the official Netflix app taken directly from the live app store, because it is now compatible with RGH, but you need to have an original app account - You also need to update your xbox media so that the video player runs smoothly - If your xbox 360 RGH restart or give Fatal Crash while running the app is because your xbox does not have the media update, then to fix the problem you should put media update in your xbox - No internal HD required - You do not need live gold ============= Installing the Netflix APP: Move the folder (394707D1) to create the hd path / USB / content / 0000000000000000 /. Have fun DOWNLOAD APP NETFLIX ============= Installing Media Update for Xbox 360: Move the folder (FFFE07DF) to create the hd / USB / content / 0000000000000000 / path. Have fun DOWNLOAD MIDIA OPTIONAL UPDATE ============= . - Do it at your own risk.

    Beautiful skin Was very faithful to the game Wonderful your work, your creativity is beautiful, I like the way you work, congratulations
  6. AvatarEditor v5

    Will it be possible in the future to see a new v6 version? ( 13/05/2017 )
  7. [Skin] Material

    Your skin -[ material (v2) ]- is perfect without problems, thank you very much for your work in correcting the problems, congratulations, I am very happy with your creativity, thank you
  8. system link password

    Some people do this because they are playing with friends without using Mod Menu in games / - Or just someone who has fun with your friends without any discomfort
  9. [Skin] Material

    Any effort is welcome
  10. [Skin] Material

    - When I navigate through the settings of your skin my system freezes - Even using new Aurora .0.6b - (clean) - my device is: - Corona 4G - HD Usb 1 TB (3.0) - Kernel : 17511 - Other skins works great, just your when browsing on your functions it freezes my system [ 01/05/2017 ]
  11. [Skin] Material

    - Hello When putting your skin I received freezing of my system, it completely paralyzes - This problem is just me or is someone else also going through this problem using this skin? - Thank you
  12. NOVA - The Future of LiNK

    - For years I'm on the 360 scene, I do not remember seeing so much moderator in a single post Enjoy the meeting - About delay of release of news, believe that claim not be the key. - you receive something for free so thanks for having news is the key - Hug to everyone
  13. Skin Call OF duty Black ops III

    Congratulations, I appreciate your work.
  14. Skin WebOS - Aurora 0.6b

    Beautiful job, clean, light, congratulations
  15. [Skin] Material

    Very nice