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  1. Im Just dumb i think.. all i had to do was activate liveblock and livestrong (Just like suggested above, i did Not Save correctly) and Save the settings to the hdd.. now everything works Perfect. Thanks again for the help you guys! Lapa maybe you should try the Same... activate Both liveblock and livestrong in dashlaunch and save to HDD.
  2. I formatted the internal drive and installed xex menu, dash Launch and Aurora again... Same issue. When Downloading assets an exceptional error occurs. I tried using a different network and conncected the Xbox to my iPhone.. Same issue. Im completely out of ideas. I can Download Covers and title updates Manually though.
  3. Yes.. i used the new Aurora version. It’s so weird! I did Not change any Settings... Downloading assets worked perfectly Fine before. im pretty much out of ideas... i think i will try to install everything new from scratch
  4. So i reinstalled aurora and dashlaunch in different paths.. Same issue. In Aurora there is an unhandled exception occuring. is it possible to format the Xbox 360.. and to install xex menu, dashlaunch and Aurora from scratch?
  5. I don’t have to reset the Xbox to Factory settings or something like that? thanks for the response
  6. Is there a Tutorial somewhere? I want to make a clean install of all programs needed... i don’t think there is another way around
  7. Thanks for the message! I did Not change the Settings recently.. and everything worked Fine before. I set both to false, does Not change anything. Still crashes. i would Love to Just reinstall all programs... but i don’t have the Knowledge to do so Unfortunately
  8. Hey guys! I bought a modded Xbox 360 a few weeks ago.. everything worked fine until today. I scanned for new Games in Aurora, wanting to install some new Games.. an exceptional error occured. Long Story short, whenever i try to download assets, an exceptional error occurs. I deleted all paths... only Option i have right now is to start the Games directly via auroras file manager... do you guys have any idea?
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