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  1. In the search box in the forum...Or in Google
  2. You need (xui tool)...Look for this tool here in the forum you will find everything about him
  3. Just dump your nand and rebuild using xeBuild GUI...etc
  4. it is OK Your safety first.
  5. We stayed in the dark for a few days because of you 🤣 ...lol
  6. Now TU He returned to work.
  7. He has done a good job to avoid ...XBLS and stealth server...etc Because this is not allowed here
  8. Good work👌 and thanks For anyone who works to keep the scene alive.⁦❤️⁩
  9. Yes aurora TU service has been down for about a month use FSD 3rev 783 it's working fine ...Until the problems are addressed in the aurora.
  10. We all have this problem ... we are in darkness 👀....go use FSD TU Works fine Old and without support but still works
  11. Some things have been changed from the Microsoft site so the Tool stops working from the Microsoft source...etc The tool needs updating.
  12. The server admin is the one who knows They work silently 🤫
  13. You can push TU manually from Xbox unity or by usb drive
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