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  1. salah.rgh2

    Updated J-runner

    Thanks for updating
  2. Translation Arabic for Aurora 0.7b DZ-AR https://mega.nz/#!0pN0xAwa!iWk-e7bjOkzask4Th36x20nLujfcQdAsPDhRFFoSJSU
  3. salah.rgh2

    Aurora 0.7b, including NOVA, by Phoenix

    Finally it was released😍 ... Thanks to everyone who contributed to this project .with my respect✌️
  4. salah.rgh2

    [Script] Temperature Manager

    Well, good luck
  5. salah.rgh2


    It must be connected xbox live ....There is no other way to show the covers in original dashboard without xbox live
  6. salah.rgh2

    Music to 360 via FTP?

    as he told you felida You can use the song as you like ..lol
  7. salah.rgh2

    Music to 360 via FTP?

    This method is successful with me 100%.....I do not know the Why did not work with you
  8. salah.rgh2

    Music to 360 via FTP?

    You must delete the original mindex Which you find in HDD Then put mindex Which he creates X360 Music Do not forget to rename the album
  9. salah.rgh2

    Unlock Gamerpics, Themes

    I think you can do this by HORIZON to unlock gamerpics....etc
  10. salah.rgh2

    Need help titl update

    Tip ,Avoid these questions here regarding Xbox Live and KV The law of the forum attends these things
  11. salah.rgh2

    FreeStyle Dashboard 2.2.692 Final

    Like aurora dashboard
  12. salah.rgh2

    help with content/00000000000000000

    Did you delete it from the file manager? If you do this, you will delete all the contents of the games from the hard drive
  13. salah.rgh2

    Emulators That work with Auroras Autolaunch Feature

    On the first page of the topic
  14. salah.rgh2

    Trying to get up to date

    I use it and do not differentiate between it and the official
  15. salah.rgh2

    Me dice added user pero no me manda el correo

    Speak English and put your problem here https://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/8456-unity-login-failed/&tab=comments#comment-70505