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  1. salah.rgh2

    Xbox360 Jtag/Rgh supported apps

    You can use Netflix on RGH Perhaps YouTube in the future But other applications do not think so.
  2. salah.rgh2

    Skins webOS - Aurora 0.7b

    Easy.....click on the home button Go to the right Click the Settings box then Press OK and you will return directly to the normal dashboard.
  3. salah.rgh2

    Skin Elegant (Skin Xbox One X)

    Thanks great job.
  4. salah.rgh2

    Xbox One Dev Mode - XRF Tool

    Xbox one scene He started to recover 😃
  5. salah.rgh2

    Xbox One Dev Mode - Shell and Win32 code execution

    Yes, it is a matter of time and great effort
  6. salah.rgh2

    Xbox One Dev Mode - Shell and Win32 code execution

    I think this console is not hackable 🤔
  7. salah.rgh2

    Xbox One Dev Mode - Shell and Win32 code execution

    Finally some joyous news ....But the TX team also works on Xbox One but scene very slow.
  8. salah.rgh2

    Skin Fullmetal Alchemist - Aurora 0.7b

    Thank you for all your work
  9. salah.rgh2

    Aurora / NOVA 0.7b.1 hotfix!

    Unfortunately 😒
  10. salah.rgh2

    Aurora / NOVA 0.7b.1 hotfix!

    I do not know why the team They did not put the Arabic language with the knowledge that I had translated it and placed it in the forum RMS 😒
  11. salah.rgh2

    [Skin] Semitransparent with Avatar (Aurora 0.7b)

    Good idea but place of avatar not good maybe needed CFL Especially.
  12. salah.rgh2

    Updated J-runner

    Thanks for updating
  13. Translation Arabic for Aurora 0.7b DZ-AR https://mega.nz/#!0pN0xAwa!iWk-e7bjOkzask4Th36x20nLujfcQdAsPDhRFFoSJSU
  14. salah.rgh2

    Aurora 0.7b, including NOVA, by Phoenix

    Finally it was released😍 ... Thanks to everyone who contributed to this project .with my respect✌️
  15. salah.rgh2

    [Script] Temperature Manager

    Well, good luck