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  1. New games dont want work on RGH

    I think you should update your xbox Why did not you put what error message !
  2. Netflix for RGH = [.23/06/2017.] __Update 15/10/17

    THANKS RUBENsYAMA On the update
  3. RGH | Live Connection Error

    You can not do this ,,,RGH=NO LIVE ACOUNT except stealth servers This is forbidden here
  4. i never been banned

    All things related to Xbox Live is forbidden here .
  5. [SKIN] Naruto Shippuden Final Aurora 6.0

    I personally can not download skins before I see a picture of him
  6. hello SALAH .RGH2 i looking for xma2encode from SDK to install on directory to "C:/Windows/System32/ cannot find the ressource files and my ui tool is unreading xur files anyone have a other copy  can you help ?

    1. salah.rgh2


      oh Unfortunately I do not have what you want

    2. freeslyledom


      i find it thanks anyway :cool:

    3. salah.rgh2



  7. "Slow" Cover-Loading

    Yes SSD is better and faster than HDD In performance
  8. "Slow" Cover-Loading

    I think this depends on the number of games and hard drive status
  9. Request missing covers to be added

    Yes there is a program named Aurora Asset Editor v1.1
  10. Request missing titles to be added

    Maybe ask the administrator
  11. Request missing titles to be added

    This cover is available in xboxunity
  12. ASEAN users?

  13. [ LOGO ] Loading Screen

    Well, good luck
  14. Game covers and app in dash standard ?

    The covers appear only if you are connected xbox live When Offline, the covers return gray as they were I do not think there is a place where the covers are saved in xbox ؟