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  1. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    No matter when the project is released,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,What is important is that this project is still alive We know that the team has life and work conditions and can not devote full time to the project As the saying goes ,,, good work long time
  2. how do i change the Background pic?

    You mean background aurora . Press B view button Then show you this
  3. Video game usage survey, I need your help!

    We are here to help each other
  4. Video game usage survey, I need your help!

  5. HELP!!!Aurora TUs not Working

    Did you scan your tu !
  6. What is Team Xecuter up to..

    Yes it is not easy and we appreciate the work of this team
  7. What is Team Xecuter up to..

    xbox one Difficult to hack This time See the hack ratio between ps4 and xbox one At present
  8. What is Team Xecuter up to..

    ! .!! team xecuter A team working on modifying the Xbox And chips
  9. Could you put YouTube?

    This requires XBOX LIVE
  10. hello

    Here you can play by System Link only
  11. [Script][WIP] Temperature Manager

    Well I will test
  12. [Script][WIP] Temperature Manager

    Good work How long is released !
  13. Title Updates Location

    When you download the title update You must scan TU Then activate it and it will work
  14. QuickBoot-v2.1 / HELP TO FIX PNG =[ 18/10/2017 ]=

    I hope this succeeds. I also want to make couvers without live The problem is PNG appears small In the details of the game When pressed X .......Scan PNG option The content is saved in the desktop The image is merged with the content with 64X64 png Small icon If you put an image over 64 x 64 does not appear Her image shows a picture of a cat !
  15. New games dont want work on RGH

    I think you should update your xbox Why did not you put what error message !