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  1. If it's worth it, you'll see new xebuild.
  2. I think this update to stop cheating in live 🙂
  3. DLC folder name Always be like this.00000002 TU folder name.000B0000
  4. .I do not think you can do that..debug log.Mandatory in the aurora System...log Helps you know if a problem has occurred
  5. Contact xp site administrator not here....this is RMS forum.
  6. In the search box in the forum...Or in Google
  7. You need (xui tool)...Look for this tool here in the forum you will find everything about him
  8. Just dump your nand and rebuild using xeBuild GUI...etc
  9. it is OK Your safety first.
  10. We stayed in the dark for a few days because of you 🤣 ...lol
  11. Now TU He returned to work.
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