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  1. Hi every one Can i find some players to progress in gta hiests Add me on psn my id : lmodir Ajouter moi : lmodir Lets have fun Thnx . Thread moved to Playstation Forum ! Dr.Gonzo
  2. Hi guys. I want to update my jailbrocken ps3 System version (4.75) And the safest way to play online Thnx. Edit : successfully updated to rebug Cfw 4.81.02 (awsome) With full psn access (ban risk) using psnpatch Support from : ( ps3hax.net) Add me . psn id: lmodir Im playing gta v . Greets.
  3. No luck So : Offline Offline Offline But Thanks for support swizzy
  4. Hhhhhh yeah it's But im not using mobile conexion I bought a modem wifi (huawei 5328-155) It's not a proper conexion ??? So i Can't use it ? I have advenced options in my modem but i dont know what's designed for Thnx alot swizzy
  5. I said that Dr.gonzo was right I have probleme with My internet provider Because i have test link with another modem which works fine so the problem in my modem conx So i have to contact mobils sevice client ?? What to tell them to understend my problem to change something in my internet conx ?? What i have to do??? Thnx Swizzy its not Arabic it is DARJA
  6. Kifkif mtft7och chkit lmchkl mn3n mobilis kima 9li gonzo Nroh 3ndhm wch n9lhm ?? Wch ybdloli fl conx ?
  7. Still no luck Sm7li khoo t3btek m3aya Kifkif mtft7och chkit lmchkl mn3n mobilis kima 9li gonzo Nroh 3ndhm wch n9lhm ?? Wch ybdloli fl conx ? Wch ndir dok Chof syit f modem t3 telcom ft7o normal Alors lmchkl 3nd mobilis nn ?? Nro7 3nd Service client z3ma yriglw lmchkl mais wch n9lhm bch yfhmo
  8. Saha rmdank hbb Syit kho m9drtch nchof les roooms bsa77 mnl9a hta match wla. Psk les ports 3071/3072 mghlo9in f Test t3 conexion f aurora rak chayf Dmz hadik activitha mais m3labalich wch n7t f ADRESSS DMZ ? wntanit ladress ip t3 lxbox kifach n3rfha ? Sahit khoya sa77a ftorek
  9. Yes I failed in ports tests I have huawie b5328-155 router It can be non- compatible ? I enabled upnp and try forword ports to ip adress im not sure that it is my xbox ip but still same issuse Some pictures below https://mega.nz/#!FjAxnTDJ!LYsTD9LBqwHwvexR8C9mRm9mdbBjecIjQffWe6t7ss0 https://mega.nz/#!FjAxnTDJ!LYsTD9LBqwHwvexR8C9mRm9mdbBjecIjQffWe6t7ss0 https://mega.nz/#!N6Yk2bYZ!Py8eKfreGSxfWxOvkkcMVvuyirewXKcjA9zMqi3gh8U https://mega.nz/#!hyQ1hD4a!umUrP31Kv6WcfFYtb3A94za8yZt2hiG0qzCEfNiCUP0 I surf the web Googling a week but no luck Thnx gonzo for quicke reply So is my xbox ip that it show aurora settings or nxe settings ? Is that my ip adress My ip ??? Dmz ?? My Dmz I found this option in my router settings but not sure Whate to put in dmz adresse? Ip adress ? And you said that i have to had acces to PAT/ NAT router. HOW TO ?? BY CONATCTING Service OF PROVIDER FOR ME IS Mobilis SO I HAVE TO CONTACT THIS COMPANY ? A small not that my xbox not show in my #modem dhcp Client liste niether in unpn settings ?? THNX DR AND YOU SWIZZY KEEP WATCHING
  10. I re-insalled fsd and it solved But whene i open rooms my rgh reboot itself I try to disable rss hud option but No room shows
  11. Yeah but system link est grisé in xbox home so i cant open it I tired with a router instead of mobile data that pass all tests but same issue system link griseé cant enter (look like disabled option) Thnx for perv- replis
  12. Thnx felida I tired that but still failed port donnes acces
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