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  1. 🗽🎨Hi Guys I Made Some Changes of a previous Skins From Aurora I give All My Credits To The Owner . Download Files in the the description section of the Video below... https://youtu.be/vB7EZ6CWKu4
  2. yes the default work .. i have a rgh 360 console , only the video which i want dont show up it stay blank
  3. i deleted the default one from the system and the anim i want i did convert it with YTD VIDEO to the format wmv9 but i didnt show up it reboot directly to xbox dash , i think there is something wrong on the format or the size of the video , its about 19 second
  4. i have some knowledge just let me know what should i do ? is there some SPECIFIC settings in the .ini of the fake anim ?
  5. @gavin_darkglider i did convert it to format wmv9 but still no result @felida what kind of settings should i made?
  6. Hello everyone , i did replace the original boot with fake anim but this last wont start the intro is taken from youtube and in format wmv . is there something not right ? THANKS IN ADVANCE
  7. Hi, yes i did extract them from .xex to iso then to gos and i did place them in the content but still dont show up on das !!
  8. Hello everybody im trying to show up the games on xbox 360 dash like in the picture below .. is there any option to do that ? thanks in advance
  9. Hello Guys can you please allow me to talk about Destiny banns devices because i didn't find no answer no where even the bungie site a hundreds of players are banned with no reason included me , and i hope you guys can share any infos about this , my question how can unbann my device or renew some infos for not be detectable by the destiny game server ?
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