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  1. Confirm you are on the latest version of Aurora, there was a recent patch regarding Marketplace items. Also update your Dashlaunch to the latest version and confirm both liveblock and xhttp is disabled. If you are changing these setting in Dashlaunch, make sure you are saving the changes. If the problem persists try and edit the Launch.ini on your PC and save it that way.
  2. what plugins do you currently have loaded in your launch.ini file?
  3. Do you have the GOTY edition? That comes with two discs and you will have to copy the Content folder off the disc1 (or whichever has the Content folder) and place that on your internal hdd.
  4. I had an issue with Bioshock 2 also, it ended up being a plugin I had in the Dashlaunch.ini. See what you've got and remove as needed.
  5. Maybe because you're currently using Aurora. If you use HxD or something else with FTP or even to copy to a USB will work.
  6. Does the console boot to Xell when you power on using the eject button?
  7. How are you loading Aurora if that's the case?
  8. It seems a few people have had similar issues with this, when Aurora tries to download covers/assets. I'm not 100% sure if you can block Aurora from downloading covers/assets via the settings, but I would suggest disconnecting from the internet while scanning, then downloading covers individually and see if that throws the error again.
  9. Are you definitely loading the fresh Aurora install? Yeah it is possible to format the 360s Hard Drive but I'm almost certain that won't be causing the issue. I honestly think it's something to do with your internet connection to the console. Aurora is trying to fetch the assets but fails in doing so...
  10. Download a fresh copy of Dashlaunch and a fresh copy of Aurora and place them on your HDD in new paths. Then configure dashlaunch to the settings you use.
  11. Do you have the option in dashlauch that actually allows you to download assets? ; if set to true, this will block the console from resolving LIVE related dns ; if not set this value will be TRUE liveblock = true ; if liveblock is set to true, this will block the console from resolving all MS related dns ; setting this to TRUE will also block apps like freestyle from accessing things like cover images ; *** note that if NO INI is present for launch.xex, this is set to TRUE ; if not set this value will be FALSE livestrong = true I believe this is the setting in dashlaunch, make sure both are set to false. (Please someone correct me if Im wrong, havent been on my rgh in a while now)
  12. So you'll need to edit the profileid and rename the actual profile file and the folder tree on the hard drive. Then in Horizon edit the profileid to match whatever you changed and in the account editor uncheck LIVE Profile. This should now be moved over to the internal hdd. If you just completely copy the Orignal LIVE profile you won't have to redownload it.
  13. This was off my RGH Hard drive. Copied the TitleID from the link provided and this is what came up, hope it's what you needed! Trainer(RETROBYTE).xex
  14. Sorry for the double post. Open Content.db Click Browse Data tab and scroll slightly right and you'll see description, this is where you edit the synopsis.
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