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  1. Thank you for the tip. Unfortunately that did not seem to help.
  2. In the meantime I tried toggling the various title updates in Aurora to see if anything changes however nothing improved. There are three title updates available through Aurora so I tried each of those in addition to having no TU's enabled at all... still no luck. I also did some tests using the other retail disc I bought. Running the retail disc directly from Aurora so far seems to be more reliable in booting the game however it will still eventually hang like in the previous tests. Out of curiosity I tried switching to FSD3 and the problem occurs there as well. The only difference there is that it will often get to the first disclaimer text in Bioshock 2 before kicking back to FSD3 after like 10 seconds or so. This is quite a bummer. I thought I could help the community by uncovering a bug but it's unclear what is causing this.
  3. The latest retail disc I am testing with is the regular version (i.e. not GOTY).
  4. I looked but I don't have any plugins listed in Dashlaunch. I am currently running a new vanilla RGH Aurora install. No extras, plugins, DLC's or anything like that.
  5. I tried your suggestion however that appears to have not changed anything. From what I can tell Livestrong is just an option to be more aggressive in blocking connections that would be associated with the xbox live service. I am also running a new vanilla RGH install with no extras like DLC's, extra plugins or anything like that. I also don't play anything online or multiplayer...
  6. Yeah I stopped messing with DLC's awhile ago since they appear to cause various other issues. Right now I am running a new HD with no DLC's installed at all.
  7. Yeah so this is why the issue is so weird, it's intermittent and does not manifest itself right away. I didn't start seeing problems until I played the game on and off for several days. I was about half way through the game when I started seeing that it wouldn't boot the game consistently anymore. To test for the issue on a new RGH setup with the latest Aurora I am just starting Bioshock 2, then waiting till I get to the main menu, then quitting back to Aurora, then starting Bioshock 2 again, and I keep doing that over and over again. In my experience Bioshock 2 will stop booting consistently within roughly 10 cycles. My next step is to see if changing the Title Updates makes any difference...
  8. Alright well I appreciate the reply in any case. I will report back after doing some additional testing. I forgot to mention that this problem has been reported by others recently as well on reddit: https://old.reddit.com/r/360hacks/comments/wwwx89/bioshock_2/ It's definitely an intermittent issue which makes it hard to trace or diagnose...
  9. So far I have been able to eliminate a bad rip as being the cause. I ended up buying another retail copy of the game for testing and the issues are still there regardless of wether the files are manually copied to HD or ripped using the DiscToGod script. I have also eliminated the HD as a factor since I bought a brand new one to start everything from scratch yet the problems still remain. Title updates are something I need tinker with to see if that makes any difference. Which TU are you using? I am pretty sure I am using TU#3 which is the latest that is available through Aurora.
  10. I seem to be having a problem when starting Bioshock 2 from Aurora. When I select it to run from the dash it typically just hangs on a black screen instead of rolling the game intro as expected. After 10 to 15 seconds of sitting at that black screen it just goes back to Aurora without me touching anything. Logs are attached. Can someone please advise on what is wrong? Thanks in advance. debug.log debug.log.last
  11. has anyone had a chance to see if connectX works with OG xbox games? I can run the standard 360 and XBLA stuff just fine but if I try to run Halo 2 then it starts to load for a second and then fails with an error. For reference I am using the mathieulh v5832 back compat files.
  12. In my case I didn't have to rename anything manually. This is what my setup looks like. I try to keep everything on a thumb drive (hence Usb0): Game Directory: \Xbox360\System\Usb0\X360_GAMES\The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim DLC Directory: \Xbox360\System\Usb0\Content\0000000000000000\425307E6\00000002 Title Update: \Xbox360\System\Usb0\Content\0000000000000000\425307E6\000B0000\tu00000002_00000000 Once the TU file was copied over I think I did a TU scan for Aurora to see it. Then I made sure to enable it in the details screen of the game in Aurora. I suspect that if you were keeping everything on a hard drive instead of a thumb stick then your paths would look something like the following: \Xbox360\System\HDD....
  13. I just set up a new RGH system and have noticed that Skyrim does not have any title updates available through Aurora dashboard despite them being available on xbox unity. I went ahead and manually installed the TU from xbox unity and have confirmed that it is working so my guess is that Aurora has a bug somewhere regarding this issue. Is this the right place to report it? Here are some additional details: Aurora version: 0.7b.2 Skyrim Title ID: 425307E6 Skyrim Media ID: 34F5B6C3
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