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  1. you have to modify the Aurora folder > settings.db you will need to edit this with SQL lite and use an FTP to copy it back and forth,
  2. Hdd1:/content/0000000000000000/<mediaid>/000B0000
  3. No hints for download scources for DLCs 😉
  4. sorry to resurrect this but has anyone got the skindownloaderv2.zip to share ? the website is long dead and only available on https://web.archive.org/web/20190716204316/http://aurorascripts.lmhsoluciones.com/ 16/05/2024 - I messaged Dan on FB - he advised he lost all of the files and php code, the website and all assets were likely deleted too. the script is available on github in the utility scripts - but would need the php code and whatever else was being used for this script to work I'm going to continue researching this and attempt to create something myself
  5. all of the links are now dead is anyone able to share these again please ?
  6. this might be a good source to have a look https://consolemods.org/wiki/Xbox_360
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