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  1. What are you talking about? I have 145 games on the HDD, and every other game that has content/DLC, it works. All the Forza games, including 2nd disk content and DLC. Dead or Alive 5 Last Round DLC, etc. Tons of content and DLC working on the 1TB HDD. Edit: Please delete this post. I have figured out the issues. For some reason, when I put the title update in the 000B0000 for Oblivion it didn't work, but when I put it in the cache folder, it did.
  2. I recently got a new 1TB HDD. I was using a 320GB HDD internally, and wanted more space. Oblivion and Skyrim worked without issue on the 320GB. Skyrim runs fine with the base game with TU10. When the game tries to load DLC from the HDD, the game causes a fatal crash. The DLC worked on the 320GB HDD. I have tried several times to move the DLC over. I have done it via FTP. I have done it via a jump drive formatted as a memory unit. I even found another source for the DLC, thinking perhaps my first source had somehow become corrupted. The new source did the same thing. Testing each DLC individually, Dawnguard loads, but Hearthfire and Dragonborn cause a crash. Oblivion is kinda the same. When I tell it to search the HDD for DLC, it doesn't crash, but when I tell it to start a new game, the 360 just locks up. For some reason XboxUnity does not have a TU for Oblivion, so I had to look online to find TU3. Any ideas on what could be causing these issues? EDIT: I have figured out the Skyrim issue. Aurora downloaded TU10, but for some reason, did not not enable the TU to be applied. The Oblivion issue still persists.
  3. Yes, I figured that aborting the scan for the folder was the case.
  4. I tried using your naming scheme, nothing happened. /Hdd1/Games/Star Ocean The Last Hope/disc 1 /Hdd1/Games/Star Ocean The Last Hope/disc 2 /Hdd1/Games/Star Ocean The Last Hope/disc 3 Scan depth is still set to 9. Edit: Perhaps there is some kind of bug in Aurora. I redid all of my muti disc games in the folder naming layout you suggested. It WOULD NOT find the other disks, FOR ANY REASON. I tried manually scanning dozens of times. I tried changing the scan depth. Tried messing with the scan script options. Nothing would make the other disks pop up. I had to delete the game from my library (after moving it from my games directory to keep Aurora from deleting the whole game with it). Once I deleted the game from my game library, once I rescanned, it found all the disks. So there might be some bug keeping Aurora finding other disks. Also, that comes to a suggestion I would like to make. Give an option to delete a game from the library WITHOUT deleting the actual game files.
  5. I ordered a 1TB hdd for my 360 and it just got here yesterday. Spent the whole day putting 700GB+ of retail games, xbla games, dlc, and content on it. It finished before I went to bed, so I went head and set up the content folders. I have 2 folders, Content, and Games. All the XBLA games are fine, but multi disk games like Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, and Lost Odyssey only show 1 disk. I first set the scan depth to 3, then 4, then 9. Still, the other games disks did not show up. Here is how I have multi disk games laid out: Games\Lost Odyssey\<Disk 1 Content> Games\Lost Odyssey\Disk2\<Disk 2 Content> Games\Lost Odyssey\Disk3\<Disk 3 Content> Why is only the first game disk showing up? And the disks are not somehow hidden. I have enabled "Show Hidden Titles" and they still aren't there. So for whatever reason, the scan is not picking them up.
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