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  1. Hi guys I cant download the Synopsis for my games via the asset menu of Aurora. Does somebody know what could be the issue? I had them downloaded before on my old 256GB drive but now I swapped it for a 2TB drive and installed about 450 games (XBLA, Emulators and 360 ) and for some games it shows a small descriptions but for the most it doesnt. Also its doesnt show the marketplace rating for any game at all. When I insert my 256Gb HDD its showing. What could be the issue on my new HDD, do I have to go online on XboxLive or Xunity, because I dont remember doing that the first time since Liveblock is enabled. Everything else works fine I can download Covers and Background, but also for some reason cant download Trailers or screenshots, my region is set to USA. Any fixes, or is there a Manual Option to add them? Greetings EDIT: I figured out it has something to do with DashLaunch, xhttp was enabled and livestrong but when I disable them The assets do Download but Aurora keeps crashing what maight be the issue? I havent disabled liveblock. On my other HDD xhttp doesnt enable itself by defeault, on the new one it does an causes the crash, why is that. Current dashLaunch version is 3.18 on old HDD its 3.17
  2. I had the same issue, in my DashLaunch Fakelive was enabled so I disabled it and saved to the HDD .ini file. It worked after that. I had the same problem with Dead or Alive 5 and Ultra Street fighter 4 hope this helps
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