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Found 7 results

  1. Glitch/Nand Reader Product(s) used: Nand-X, Matrix Glitcher V1 Console Type: Jasper NAND size: 512mb Dashboard version: 2.0.17489.0 CB version: 6754 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner/Xebuild GUI: J-Runner/Xebuild Gui log: JRunner Log.txt Image of Glitch Chip: Havent Installed Yet Images of close-up soldering to motherboard: Will Provide As Soon As I Am Home. Soldering Looks very good. Description of problem: Okay, so I have checked my soldering points and everything is good. I have now redumped the nand on this Jasper 512mb close to 20 times. JRunner has not said nands are the same once. However, every single dump has the same error on the same bad block (Error: 250 reading block 720 (Bad Block ID @ 0xE4 [Offset: 0x1D64000]). The only difference I have seen in JRunner is that a few of the dumps had an error of Error: 250 reading block 720 and the rest were Error: 258 reading block 720. I compared the dumps in a hex editor and all only have differences on that block but in different locations on it. No two are the same. I AM GETTING SICK OF THE “OHHHH NOOO!” RESPONSE OUT OF JRunner! I have tried different versions of JRunner too. I have unsoldered, Clipped the Nand wires, and resoldered again. Then Re-Dumped (These are dumps 7 & 8 provided). Still Same exact error on same block. Per someone's suggestion I used Nand Compare to try and reconstruct a nand image. With all 8 of my nand dumps, i tried every variation and every combination of utilizing nand compare to rebuild a nand image. None of them match. That said, whats curious is that no matter what combination of 3 input original nand dumps i use to create a Reconstructed Nand, the Reconstructed nands are identical to eachother. So wouldnt that mean that the errors are occuring on the same exact bytes of data in all 8 nand dumps??? That would mean that for whatever reason that component/block of data is throwing a false byte read every time. So it is consistently inconsistent? Am I good to proceed? ---> Create the ECC, Write ECC, etc. ---> or what do I need to do or check at this point? I have attached all 8 of my nand dumps to this post. My Soldering (Brown Stuff is just dried flux, there are no bridges) nanddump1.bin nanddump2.bin nanddump3.bin nanddump4.bin nanddump5.bin nanddump6.bin nanddump7.bin nanddump8.bin
  2. Hi, I've a Jasper console, it has RROD, code is 0001. It shows RROD immediately when switch button pressed, fan is not spinning. The PSU has Orange indicate, whether the console is turned on or not. So I've taken it apart and tested the power source spots: Standby 5V present. When turned on, 12V is not there. Standby 5V, 3.3V, 1.8V present. When turned on, 12V is not there. Standby 5V present. When turned on, 12V is not there. So according to the test result, I guess the PSU and MOSFET are fine. It might be the cpu needs to be re-flowed? Any help will be appreciate. Cheers, R
  3. Hi everyone! I got a jasper xbox, that someone tried to RGH1.2, but failed so i got it for cheap. After i got it i wrote the stock nand back, and removed RGH wiring, but i got an RROD after 7 seconds with the secondary error code 0022, so i checked the PLL_BYPASS area and sure enough the 10K pll bypass resistor was missing, so i replaced it with a 10K 1/4 w resistor between PLL and CPU_RST, but it still throws the same RROD. Does anyone have an idea what it could be? Maybe a dead cpu? PS: Please note that i'm sure this is not an LDV problem, becouse the stock nand worked fine, before the RGH.
  4. See i am having Issues With connecting to any online game on my RGH i do have Offline Stealth Files soo i can connect to online but my RGH connects fine its just for public games and other situations like parties and Friends whom may want to connect i just came for hope someone could help me also My RGH is a Jasper Motherboard RGH1 running on Dash 16756 for example mw3 BO2 mw2 cod 4 etc... i cant connect i need help http://gyazo.com/839a9837a06e8466218ec80aa1d16d3d what happens ^^^ just comment here or add me on skype or aim Skype = bypXXXXXXXXXX.l337 (its a L) Aim=xviXXXXXXXXo Thnx everyone i would appreciate help
  5. gilson

    RGLoader ask

    Translated from Google Translator: I have a jasper with reset glitch, banned from live. I want to change my console KV for a KV who has access to live, to use with the plugin xeLive. I heard about RGLoader that transforms an xbox reset glitch retail for a reset glitch with devkit, and that its use is for development purposes, but it is also possible to "create" one KV with it, and access to live. My goal is not play online, is access something like: netflix, youtube, ie ... can anyone help me?
  6. Price drop as i can't update the title of the post: Selling for $220.00 + shipping Selling my jasper arcade (white) xbox 360 HDMI with 512MB Nand. These are the best for jtagging and rare as they are no longer available nor are they available in the old dashboard that allows original best jtag hack. It's not RGH Or any of the glitch slow hacks but the original JTAG hack done by myself. Meaning it boots up instantly and doesn't rely on newer RGH or R-JTAG which are slow and have long boot times. I had bought this system brand new on 04/2009 from Target before Microsoft patched the jtag hack. I have jtagged it myself and it's been great with no RROD or any issues since day one. I'm selling it because I don't game as much these days and it's just sitting there. The system is in excellent conditions and looks almost mint from outside and inside. Adult owned and played only by myself. I have also cleaned it up from inside and have applied new thermal paste (Diamond IC 7 an excellent awesome thermal paste) to keep the sytem fresh and clean for years and years. I've also flashed the dvd drive with latest ixtreme 3.0+ to play latest games from dvd if you want or install games to hdd (by ftp or dvd or usb) and play from there. I've updated with latest dashboard (16537), latest freestyle dash, latest dash launch, has xexmenu, flash360, xell launch and latest xell reloaded on there. It comes with upgraded western digital 120gb drive. Tons of emulators and snes/genesis roms as well as arcade roms for FBANext. The system has NEVER been online on xbla so its not banned but if you go on there with the jtag kernel it will be pretty much instant ban so I recommend you use this system for offline play and running emulators and homebrew. If you must play online you an look into using FSD and their plugins to play people online outside of XBLA. What you get: Jtag Xbox 360 Jasper (almost mint conidition) with minor usage/scratches 2 Wirless controller Power brick and cable AV cable (sorry i don't have extra hdmi cable to give you but you can get one for like 6 bucks at fry's/target) Original arcade box that it came in with Original papers/manual/registration cards as well. Price is pretty firm at $280 a bargain honestly with 2 controllers and 120gb filled with whatever games you want and tons of emulators/roms. All you have to do is hook it up and turn it on and you are set... Buyer pays shipping and I only ship to confirmed address on paypal and only within USA (48 states) using USPS priority mail with tracking and signature confirmation.. buyer must pay for insurance as well which is usually 5 bucks from USPS... shipping probably will be around ($30 - $50 depending on location) Item will be shipped from Irvine California as soon as paypal payment is cleared I will ship out same business day or day after if it's too late. I will also accept cash ONLY if you are local and can do a local pick up within driving distance of Irvine or Orange County. SOLD Mods please delete thread .. thank you.
  7. Alex Morales


    $350 for everything, priority shipping included. NEED to sell quick!! Reason for selling: hardly play anymore, need money to fix car so I can get back to working! Condition: Used, Fully Working, Clean, No RROD Ever, All Ports Working (3 USB, Ethernet, A/V, HDMI, Power, HDD, Memory Card Slot, DVD Drive) Cleaned on the inside every 3 months from dust. No stickers have ever been attached to the case, nor written on. Type of Xbox 360: Phat: Jasper 512MB (Big Block) White with White DVD Tray 150watts KV: Unbanned, RGH Nand never been taken online, Retail Nand Online just about everyday. Type of Mod: RGH Dual Nand (Switch with blue LED indicating RGH nand is on) LT 3.0 Flashed Drive White LED Mod (all four LED's) Brand of Mod Used: CoolRunner Demon (For Dual Nand) LT 3.0 FW Dashboard: 2.0.16203.0 On Both Nands (Newest, Kinect, and Avatar Support on RGH Nand) ---------------------------------- What Comes with the console: RGH Dual Nand Xbox 360 console Power Brick Standard A/V cables (Red, White, Yellow) HDMI cable Xbox 360 Controller (Not Modded) Black chatpad 250gb OEM Hard Drive (HDD is a slim style, but is used with a Phat HDD connector) 1TB external 2.0/3.0 USB powered HDD Rechargeable Battery Pack with charging usb wire Xbox 360 Camera (Not Kinect, just the regular little web cam) 5' Ethernet cord 26 Xbox 360 games (on Disc) Black wired Triton Headset --------------------------------------------------------- Games Included: 1TB is MAXED OUT with all of the Call of Duty games and lots of other games, as well as over 100 Arcade Games. ALL playable as FULL games, not just demos. The 1TB HDD also includes a 32GB xbox 360 flashdrive partition for game saves etc.. Games on disc to play using the flashed drive (these games work 100% online) Call of Duty 2 Call of Duty 4 Call of Duty BO Call of Duty BO2 Call of Duty MW2 Call of Duty World at War (Physics N' Flex V3) Dead Island Dead or Alive 4 Fear 2 Forza Horizon Forza 3 (both discs) Forza 4 (both Discs) GTA IV (Deadly Fishes Mods.. Requires a gamesave in order to boot up) GTA IV: EFLC (Not Modded) Halo 3 Halo 4 (both discs) Halo ODST (Multiplayer Disc Only) Halo CE Anniversary Mafia 2 Medal of Honor L.E. Medal of Honor Warfighter (both discs) NBA 2K8 Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Saints Row Full Games included on OEM HDD for the Retail Nand: Aegis Wings Dash of Destruction Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Doritos Crash Course Doritos Crash Course 2 Fable III Halo Reach Happy Wars Harms Way Hexic HD Rock Band 3 Small Arms TotemBall ----------------------------------------- RGH Programs on 1TB: XeX Menu 1.2 (yes, 1.2) FreeStyle Dash 3 (boots up to it, dashboards to it) Dash Launcher (Needed in order to boot up and auto-dashboard to FSD 3) Extras on blank disc: Modding Programs/tools Links to various tutorial websites for various related stuff I can NOT supply original KV, Nand, DVD FW, or anything!!! The person who modded my xbox never sent them to me for some reason....I have never had an issue to where I needed any of those things anyways! -------------------------- Ask for more details if you want at: jellyjamjiggles@hotmail.com for a faster response if needed Will ship priority mail with everything in 1 box safely anywhere in the U.S.A. Shipping IS included in the $450. This is VERY CHEAP!!! Most people sell these Dual Nand Xboxes for $300 console only!!! Not to mention you'll save a lot of time by not having to download games...This xbox is truly Plug and Play!!! Click Link below to buy directly from a website in which you can use paypal directly (I also had this on ebay, but was removed the next morning): https://www.ioffer.com/i/rgh-dual-nand-jasper-xbox-360-with-lots-of-extras-545212514 ------------------ NO REFUNDS!! NO Problems ever with this console so no need to even offer warranty!!
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