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  1. https://sn00wconsoles.com/jrunner/ seems to be down, any backup link?
  2. Please reupload, the xboxhacks.de doesn't allow to sign in or reset password for some reason
  3. I used BenMitnicK's JRunner mod 0.6 to build the 17544 dash, now it works fine without black screen! It must be my own tool had some problem, built some bad images. Thanks for the help!
  4. Thank you for the great work!
  5. Cool, so it's more likely a bad nand build, I'll try my luck with other build method
  6. Hi, It seems the current Aurora/NOVA 0.7b.1 gives black screen at start while it is running on 17544 dash. It is using default settings. So is there a settings can be changed to make it compatible or we need to wait for an update from the developer? Thanks.
  7. Where do I put the title update file for this app? Is it Content\0000000000000000\394707D1\000B0000\ I can see Aurora says backing up netflix title update... but it does not list the title update in the management for enable it. Trying to launch netflix without enabling the title update, will just do nothing
  8. Ok, the problem is pretty simple: The R3B15 resistor on the STBY_CLK line near the HANA chip has blown up. It should be 33 ohm but measuring up to 4.6M ohm. Haven't touched it or the CLK point yet beofre, don't know why it's so easy to blown up this one. The fix is either replace this resistor at its original position or parallel. Or here's another easy fix on the bottom side I used: https://team-xecuter.com/forums/threads/88489-TuT-Alternate-STBY_CLK-Install-STBY_CLK-Fix-for-Slim-and-Phats-(Noob-Friendly) After the R3B15 resistor fix, NandPro is happy dumping now. I came across this idea by knowing the console would beep/ping once and no sign of further life if the STBY_CLK line has problem, either lifted pad/trace or the resistor has died. https://team-xecuter.com/forums/threads/151133-X360S-Trinity-beep-but-no-boot-HANA-horror-(NO-RGH)
  9. Yes it boot before. It might be bad trace, I'll try using the backside points/alternative points.
  10. I appreciate your help man, just am thinking what would be the problem or solution 😏
  11. Seriously man, I appreciate your help. However, it seems though you know how to do nand reading, but you never understand it. You think the top right black spot is GND, and I have a wire soldered there, you are wrong. The top right black spot is MOSI not GND. Sorry Team Xecuter misguided you with the black color, black color is not always GND, remember this please. And let me give you a better guide: 1 is MOSI not GND. I hope you save this image onto your computer and remember it. One more thing, don't use wtf here wtf there, it only makes you look like a fool with low intelligence.
  12. Thanks for the reply. Well as I said I soldered the GND to somewhere else. The joints are not good looking but they do the job very well. Always like that shiny never had problem.
  13. Hi,Am using matrix nand flasher and nandpro 2.0e, both worked fine on another motherboard.10.83A Power supply showing yellow/orange while plugged in, same power supply worked fine on another console.Trying to boot will only give one beep sound, no sign of fan or any other activity. Have tested all the MOS on the motherboard and the voltage drops seem to be normal, I assume all of them are good.Tested the soldering points for nand reading, against the pads on the bottom side for continuity , all seems to be fine. Have re-soldered them anyway. GND Point has been soldered to the AV port. So what can I do with this issue?I assume the motherboard is alive and I would need to unlock the flash chip by shorting?Have already tried to short the pins using a wire taped to the pins, or a screwdriver, neither worked.Maybe I should try to solder wires directly to the pins? 1) Disconnect Power Cable from 360, and disconnect USB cable from PC 2) Leave 360 unplugged for 2 mins 3) short data pins 29-32 being careful not to touch power pins 36&37 (my screwdriver was actually too big and ended up shorting 27-32 which worked fine for me, make sure the screwdriver head sits flat along the pins so it touches all of them without pressing too hard to avoid damaging) 4) Plug in Power 5) WAIT 5 seconds!!! <--- did not see this in other guides and it helped me! 6) Remove short 7) Plug in USB cable Erase entire nand using the command: nandpro usb: -e16 0 400 Some threads say shorting pins 44-47 instead, so which one is correct?
  14. Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. Yes the wiring is the problem, it could be either too long or the wire positioning. I trimmed the wire and cleaned the positioning and now it glitches fine. Also I found a topic here that has a similar problem: Getting a rapidly blinking Green Light on Coolrunner https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/getting-a-rapidly-blinking-green-light-on-coolrunner.1375775/
  15. Hi, I have a Jasper RGH1.2 installation that the debug LED on the matrix glitcher chip is kind of doing wired pattern, so it could be bad soldering I guess? Have double checked the soldering points and connection, changed the glitch chip, changed timing files, relocated the wires, wrote ECC image 2nd time, and it seems to always have the same pattern even with different timing files. Not long/short, it just keeps blinking, I'd say it's brighter and darker pattern, not long/short pattern. Also it gives similar pattern if wired to use the on board crystal. If I don't connect the video cable while powering the console on, it will have RROD 0002 (network interface problem), is this normal? (No problem before doing the RGH). With the CLK point FT2R2, there's no debug led blinking on the chip, so I changed it to the point near C4N27, then it gives me the pattern in the video above. The debug led keeps blinking rapidly with a brighter/darker pattern, not like a normal glitch long/short pattern. Tested the point near C4N27 to the point near HANA chip, 0 ohm resist so I guess it's good. VCC on the chip gives 3.3V. Tested GND on the chip to the av port shows 0. I've no idea what's wrong with it. Any suggestion?
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