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360mpGui v1.0.9.2 added: Offline 2 Online Profile-Maker , NXEART-Extractor

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Posted Image

360mpGui v1.0.9.2 beta

!!! For new and futured Functions you must have Net.Framework 3.5 installed !!!

Last Update 09.09.2012

1 - Offline to Online Profile-Maker

A easy to use Online-Profile-Maker. Create a Offline-Profile on your 360, load it into 360mpGui,

give, if you want, a new Gamertag, insert a XUID, press Create Profile, back to 360,

ready to use Avatar-Clothes Posted Image

2 - Nxeart Picture Extractor

You like the Nxe-Backgrounds and Slots? Load the nxeart-File from your extracted ISO into 360mpGui,

and save them where ever you want (Cool as Wallpapers) Posted Image

Picture-Size are 1920x1080 and 420x320 (for a larger preview click the Pictures)

3 - Changes on .360mp File Combo

(now Show Multi-Disks and their Number behind the Game-Name)

4 - Fontsize adjusted when your Fontsize is bigger than 100%

Posted ImageImage resized to : 81 % of its original size [ 610 x 495 ]Posted Image

Previous Updates:

Show Spoiler

Please test it and report Errors (there are guaranteed) , i can only test it on Win7 32bit...

On first Startup, 360mpGui will extract exiso.exe, abgx360.exe and ImgBurn, and creates 2 Folders.

Here some Pics and Info's of 360mpGui: (click Pic's to enlarge)

Pic's from Iso-Extractor, Iso-Extractor-Batch and Create-Iso:

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Pic for Arcade/Dlc Patcher: Dlc-Files not really testet, Arcade Games works fine, please

test Dlc-Files and report it per PM...

Posted ImagePosted Image

And yes, you look right, Arcade and Dlc Files can be renamed, testet on Dash 2.0.14699.0.,

easier to find a Dlc on 360HDD (look below, Batman - Arkham City)

Posted ImagePosted Image

Pic for the Title-ID, Media-ID Manager and Update searcher: You look for an Update for a Game? Only a God?

Where is the DVD? Iso deleted? Create and store a 360mp-File (only 7-15kb pro Game inc. Game-Icon)

At next Time, load the 360mp-File and search for your Update at xbuc or jqe360. never again need the DVD,

ISO or God, to look for the right Title,- or Media-ID for your Game. You will love this Feature...

Posted Image

Pic's of Abgx360-Gui and Options-Tab:

Posted ImagePosted Image

TUT for adding CD and DVD drives to Wine 1.5.9 (Example for Ubuntu 12.04)

Thx to Jéjé le tech

Hope you like it. If so, please write a Comment...

... and please, tell me, which Functions you like...

More and more will be added to 360mpGui...

Respect my work... When you used my software before you share anything,

please remark to my 360mpGui Software...

Download and Source: Tortuga Cove

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Please reupload, the xboxhacks.de doesn't allow to sign in or reset password for some reason

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