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  1. download it from here http://digiex.net/downloads/download-center-2-0/xbox-360-content/apps-pc/11142-xbox-360-mp-gui-download-title-update-media-id-manager-create-extract-iso.html it may be acused as false positive but its nothing
  2. Just one question even if i have an almost full external drive will aurora trailers stream or download ?
  3. Sometime even when you are already connected to the room, in cod bo2 you have to press several time the X button to actually see the games available that ussualy happens with me
  4. Yh I know I but still not worth it at this time
  5. yh thanks now considering i think its a bad idea to spend money in a dual nand if its not goin to be suported
  6. And how much does it cost ? Do you think its worth it or Is not that big of a diference
  7. Ohh yh my bad but still I prefer playing on system. My console rgh has only one nand can I make it be dual nand how does that work.
  8. Well I saw on the internet that the game will be released for xbox 360 and ps3 but with some limitations
  9. Do you think cod bo 3 for xbox 360 will still have system link support
  10. Are there people still playing fm2 on system link?
  11. I'm not paying to have my key valt ripped offI d rather play cod on system
  12. well yh i gotta say you right. but picture it playing battlefield 4 on system link it wold be great
  13. yh I understand. thats why i was askig like if all the programmers could join theirselfs and take what they consider to be a simple game and try to add system link on it.if i could i would try to do it myself but i know nothing about coding and programing
  14. Felida. That's what I was talking about if there were someway to do that by coding and programing but I guess its almost impossible
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