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Found 4 results

  1. I have a 360 Slim(prob Corona, idk). I got a straight line pattern on the Dashboard and the console froze. I restarted the console and was greeted by error E82. Today, when I power on the console, there is no display on the TV, but I'm getting the secondary error code of 0101. Now What?? Is the console dead, or can I do any repairs(reballing etc)?
  2. Hi, I've a Jasper console, it has RROD, code is 0001. It shows RROD immediately when switch button pressed, fan is not spinning. The PSU has Orange indicate, whether the console is turned on or not. So I've taken it apart and tested the power source spots: Standby 5V present. When turned on, 12V is not there. Standby 5V, 3.3V, 1.8V present. When turned on, 12V is not there. Standby 5V present. When turned on, 12V is not there. So according to the test result, I guess the PSU and MOSFET are fine. It might be the cpu needs to be re-flowed? Any help will be appreciate. Cheers, R
  3. Xbox 360 is acting weird. Video posted below. RGH was attempted because i hoped it would fix it. Weird thing is booting to xell gives me a perfect video output. If i boot to the dashboard consoles video goes haywire. I am able to boot a game and sometimes the video goes to normal but console freezes. Console allso freezes on dashboard. Any ideas what to try? https://youtu.be/pAPFAHTBnDo
  4. Hi everyone! I got a jasper xbox, that someone tried to RGH1.2, but failed so i got it for cheap. After i got it i wrote the stock nand back, and removed RGH wiring, but i got an RROD after 7 seconds with the secondary error code 0022, so i checked the PLL_BYPASS area and sure enough the 10K pll bypass resistor was missing, so i replaced it with a 10K 1/4 w resistor between PLL and CPU_RST, but it still throws the same RROD. Does anyone have an idea what it could be? Maybe a dead cpu? PS: Please note that i'm sure this is not an LDV problem, becouse the stock nand worked fine, before the RGH.
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